Punjab Election Result 2017 highlights: Amarinder meets Governor, oath-taking ceremony on 16 March

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Punjab Election Result 2017 highlights: Amarinder meets Governor, oath-taking ceremony on 16 March
  • 16:06 (IST)

    Captain Amarinder Singh meets governor, oath-taking ceremony on 16 March

    Reports have said that Singh has also left for Delhi.

  • 15:37 (IST)

    Amarinder Singh says his govt will form 'Special Task Force' to curb the drug menace

    Amarinder Singh asserted that his government will form a 'Special Task Force' to curb the drug menace in Punjab, while making the state more investor-friendly. He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured him full cooperation for the development of the state.

    On the vexed issue of Sutlej Yamuna Link (SYL) canal, Amarinder said it was important to see the quantum of water available with Punjab. "When Punjab does not have enough water, the question of giving it to other states does not arise," he said. He said Punjab has 60 percent of agrarian land with just eight MAF (million acre-feet) water, while Haryana with 40 percent of agriculture land has 12 MAF water. The Congress' chief ministerial candidate said he was committed to fulfill all the promises made by the party in its election manifesto.

    Read the full PTI report here.

  • 14:09 (IST)

    Parkash Singh Badal, Sukhbir promise to be a part of a 'responsible opposition'

  • 13:57 (IST)

    Parkash Singh Badal resigns

    Outgoing chief minister Parkash Singh Badal met Governor VP Singh Badnore earlier today and tendered his resignation. The 89-year-old leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) won from Lambi, but his party fared poorly winning just 15 seats while SAD's alliance partner Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won just three seats at the end of counting of votes on 11 march. SAD, however, was the second most popular party in terms of votes receiving 25.2% of the total vote share.

  • 13:49 (IST)

    Two Congress workers killed in clash with SAD | India Today

    With the results being declared, the knives are out in Punjab. According to India Today, two Congress workers were killed in the state during a violent clash with Shiromani Akali Dal workers in Mansa.

    Earlier today, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee president Captain Amarinder Singh said that his party won't indulge in vendetta politics. Will this event change his party's stand?

  • 12:32 (IST)

    Amarinder Singh promises Congress won't engage in 'vendetta politics'

    "On the first cabinet meeting, we will bring those issues which have no monetary involvement," said Amarinder Singh.

    "We will liberalise industrial policy," he further said.

    "The prime minister assured me of all support on the financial front...I have asked the prime minister for debt waiver. We will also reform Punjab police," said the Congress' chief ministerial candidate.

    "I spoke to Priyanka Gandhi and told her we'll bounce back in UP," he also said.

    "There will be no vendetta politics, no victimisation. There is a Constitution and law. You can't just break all that," Singh said, when asked about what action he'll take against people from the SAD-BJP alliance facing allegations of promoting drug trade.

    "Punjab's security lies in the security of ties with our neighbours," he also said.

  • 20:16 (IST)

    It's official: Congress gets 2/3rd majority, wins 77 seats, 38.5% vote share

    The Election Commission announced the final results of the Punjab Assembly Election with Congress winning 77 seats. According to Amarinder Singh, this is one of the best performance of the party in the state.

  • 18:41 (IST)

    Punjab has given two bonus seats on my birthday: Captain Amarinder Singh | CNN-News18

    "The people of Punjab have given me two bonus seats on my 75th birthday"

  • 18:39 (IST)

    People have voted for stability: Captain Amarinder Singh | CNN-News18

    "The people have gone for stability. There is a debt of Rs 2 lakh crore, our budget is in deficit, jobs are not there and education is in shambles," he said adding that people have voted against all that.

    Singh also said that he will get rid of synthetic drugs known as chitta from the state in one month. "Everybody is growing bhang, but the killer here is chitta. I have promised to finish it in four weeks. And we are going to do that. We don't believe in catching people and shoving them in jails. If anything comes out during the investigation we will take legal action them," he said.

  • 18:32 (IST)

    AAP was hyped too much: Captain Amarinder Singh | CNN-News18

    Speaking to the TV channel, Captain Amarinder Singh said that AAP was too much hyped. "When they were saying that they are going to sweep Malwa. Even I started wondering how are they going to win Malwa, which has been our own bastion for so many years. But when I started going around, I realised that people liked us," Singh said.

    Clarifying on his allegations of AAP promoting fringe elements in the state, Singh once again said that lot of people who joined AAP have some sort of grudge against the country. "There are people who think differently who curse Congress, and talk about 1984. They (AAP) were collecting individuals who had a grouse against the country and not just Punjab," he said.

    Singh also rubbished claims of AAP emerging as a national party. He said the party's true colours have come out. " I don't think anything is going to happen for them in 2019," he added.

  • 18:27 (IST)

    Expected to win 66-plus seats: Captain Amarinder Singh | CNN-News18

    "I expected 66 plus or minus seat, but we have gotten way above our expectations. In fact, our poll strategist Prashant Kishor has said that if the bubble of AAP burst we will cross 70, but else it will be somewhere around 66."

  • Party? What party? Where is the party?

    All this talk of this party, that party is really giving me an appetite. Pity it had to be a dry day. I think I will pick up some good stuff from the Congress headquarters at the Chowk. And have it on the rocks!

  • 18:06 (IST)

    Modi thanks people of Punjab for 10 years support

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday thanked the people of Punjab for giving SAD-BJP combine the opportunity to serve for 10 years and "for the support we got in these polls."

  • 17:37 (IST)

    Congress wins 73 seats so far, counting in progress in three

    At 5.30 pm, the tally of seats stood at 74 for Congress with leading in three, 20 for AAP and 18 for SAD-BJP. The Lok Insaf Party won two seats.

  • 17:00 (IST)

    Rahul Gandhi thanks Punjab for support | ANI

  • 16:15 (IST)

    Voting share in Punjab (till 4 pm)

  • 15:44 (IST)

  • 15:39 (IST)

    Bikram Singh Majithia wins from Majitha

    Akali candidate Bikram Singh Majithia won from the Majitha seat by defeating his nearest rival, Congress candidate Sukhjinder Raj Singh Lally, by 22,884 votes.

    Majithia, brother-in-law of Deputy CM Sukhbir Badal polled 65,803 votes while Lally got 42,919 votes.

    AAP candidate Himmat Singh Shergill managed to secure 10,252 votes. — PTI

  • 15:19 (IST)

    Congress crosses majority mark, wins 61 seats so far

    The Indian National Congress has emerged as the single largest party in Punjab winning 61 seats till 3.15 pm and leading in 17 other seats. Congress has contested the election with Captain Amarinder Singh as the chief ministerial candidate. Singh won the Patiala seat with a large majority will be the next remember.

    Results were declared on 98 seats with counting in progress in 19 seats. As per the Election Commission, at 3.15 pm, the tally in Punjab stood at 61 wins for Congress, 19 wins for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), 13 for Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), three for Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and two wins for Lok Insaf Party.

    Congress was leading in 17 seats followed by AAP and SAD, each leading in one seat.

  • Captain Amarinder Singh: Lone star in Congress's falling ship

    In the massive shipwreck that the political fortunes of the Congress party have faced in the past few years, the only name to bob up and stay afloat on the political waters is that of Captain Amarinder Singh.

    He was the lone star that the Congress could flaunt among its slim victory numbers in the 2014 general elections when he had defeated BJP bigwig Arun Jaitley in a one-sided battle in Amritsar constituency.

    And today, he is the lone star in leading the party to victory in a state at a time when Congress has almost vanished from the entire country. It's befitting that on the day he turns 75, he is getting the gift of a state that he has nurtured politically during the stormiest times in the history of the Congress party.

    Read the full article here.

  • 15:04 (IST)

    Congress inches closer to majority with 57 wins, leads in 22 seats

    Riding on the anger against the Badals and the Shiromani Akali Dal-Bharatiya Janata Party (SAD-BJP) alliance, the Indian National Congress has won 57 seats (at 3 pm), just two seats away from the 59- seat mark that is required to prove majority in Punjab Assembly. Captain Amarinder Singh seems to have flinched success for the national party in Punjab which went for polling along with four other states in February and March this year.

  • 14:49 (IST)

    Key constituencies where high-profile candidates battled in Punjab

    Of the 117 constituencies which underwent polling in Punjab, several saw close fights between high profile candidates whether it was Bhagwant Mann vs Sukhbir Singh Badal in Jalalabad or Captain Amarinder Singh vs Parkash Singh Badal in Lambi. Click here to read our list of key constituencies in Punjab.

  • 14:45 (IST)

    AAP's HS Phoolka wins Dakha seat | Election Commission

    Harvinder Singh Phoolka of Aam Aadmi Party has won the Dakha seat by 4169 seats. He beat Manpreet Singh Ayali by 4169 seats.

  • 14:40 (IST)

    No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play everybody: Navjot Singh Sidhu

  • 14:23 (IST)

    Narendra Modi congratulates Captain Amarinder Singh

  • 14:20 (IST)

    Trajectory of leads from 8.30 am to 2 pm

  • 14:16 (IST)

    We accept people's mandate: Arvind Kejriwal

    This is Arvind Kejriwal's first tweet since this day began.

  • 14:11 (IST)

    AAP defeat in Punjab tragic: Yogendra Yadav

  • Congress should focus on regional leaders

    Left to him, Rahul Gandhi would have actually ensured the Congress doesn't win Punjab. With his half-baked ideas about leaders, organisation and cadre, he had sidelined Captain Amarinder Singh and given the party's reins to politicians whose only claim to fame was their access to the Congress vice-president's drawing room.

    Just a year before the elections, the Congress seemed to be in complete disarray. Factionalism was rampant as several leaders were unhappy with its state chief Pratap Singh Bajwa. Hurt by the treatment meted out to him, Captain was sulking, giving indications that he may either form a new party or become silent in elections. Taking advantage of the confusion with the Congress, the AAP appeared to be on the surge.

    Read the full article here.

  • Punjab CM ready to resign

    Parkash Singh Badal is going to resign tomorrow. It reminds me of the time I resigned from my old job after throwing a stone through the shopfront window. Okay, so there was some broken glass, some injury-shinjury etc. But I resigned. I did the right thing.

  • 13:20 (IST)

    Congress leading in 78 seats: News18

    If Congress actually wins 78 seats in Punjab, it will have 2/3rd majority in the state Assembly. Even other reports are saying that Congress is leading in almost 78 seats.

    Having said that, AAP+ is now leading in more seats than the SAD-BJP alliance. Even though the exit polls were horribly wrong about a close Congress-AAP contest in the state, this is still a decent show from AAP, considering this was they were participating in Punjab polls for the first time.

  • 13:14 (IST)

    Paresh Rawal 'congratulates' Congress

    Actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal congratulated Congress in his own unique way.

  • 13:10 (IST)

    We will discuss the reasons for our loss: CM Parkash Singh Badal

  • 13:09 (IST)

    Sometimes, just sometimes, party workers show you how to party.

  • 13:07 (IST)

  • 13:04 (IST)

    AAP bubble has burst: Congress

  • 13:02 (IST)

  • 12:59 (IST)

    Tables turned for Dr Raj Kumar and Sohan Singh Thandal

    In Chabbewal constituency, Dr Raj Kumar of the Indian National Congress finally had his revenge on SAD leader and Minister for Jails and Tourism Sohan Singh Thandal. Kumar beat Thandal by a massive 29,261 votes. Thandal is four-time MLA from the area and is considered close to outgoing Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal. Talking of incumbency, Thandal may just have the worst of it. Interestingly, he had beaten Kumar by 6,246 votes in 2012 Assembly Election.

  • 12:58 (IST)

  • 12:52 (IST)

    Seats won so far

    Congress: 9
    AAP: 3
    SAD-BJP: 0

    Trends so far


    Congress: 75
    AAP+: 24
    SAD-BJP: 18

    Times Now

    Congress: 72
    AAP+: 27
    SAD-BJP: 17

    India Today TV

    Congress: 74
    AAP+: 24
    SAD-BJP: 17


    Congress: 75
    AAP+: 25
    SAD-BJP: 17

  • 12:44 (IST)

    Congress is in the spirit of this nation: Randeep Surjewala

  • 12:42 (IST)

    Sukhpal Singh Khaira of AAP won the Bholath seat by 8202 seats. Khaira beat SAD leader Yuvraj Bhupinder Singh. Yuvraj is the son-in-law of Bibi Jagir Kaur.

  • 12:42 (IST)

  • 12:41 (IST)

    Some candidates who have won so far

    Kanwar Pal Singh of Congress won Anandpur Sahib seat by 23,881 seats. Pirmal Singh Dahula of Aam Aadmi Party won the Bahadur seat. He beat Shiromani Akali Dal's Sant Balvir Singh Ghunas by 20,784 votes.

  • 12:40 (IST)

  • 12:33 (IST)

  • 12:32 (IST)

    Time to bring back the heydays of Punjab: Amarinder Singh

  • 12:30 (IST)

    Amarinder Singh thanks people, says they knew that AAP had no leadership

    "This is because of all the party workers and their hard work," said Congress' chief ministerial candidate Amarinder Singh. "I thank the people of Punjab."

    "I was saying from the beginning that Punjab's voters are smart. They knew that AAP did not have leadership. I've been in politics for 48 years," he said.

  • 12:22 (IST)

    Watch flamboyant Navjot Singh Sidhu's dramatic speech here:

  • 12:20 (IST)

Punjab, which witnessed a triangular contest in the assembly polls, could be in for a neck-and-neck fight between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) while the ruling SAD-BJP may face a drubbing, according to pollsters.

Exit polls released ahead of the 11 March counting predict the SAD-BJP combine, which has been ruling the state for 10 years, could be struggling to get even into double digits in the 117-member House due to multiple factors including the anti-incumbency.

 Punjab Election Result 2017 highlights: Amarinder meets Governor, oath-taking ceremony on 16 March

Representational image. Reuters

While India Today-Axis exit polls gave 62-71 seats to the Congress and 42-51 to AAP, India TV-C Voter projected 41-49 for the Congress and 59-67 seats for the AAP. India News-MRC and News 24-Chanakya forecast 55 seats to the Congress and 54 to the AAP.

The ruling Akali Dal-BJP alliance was reduced to single digit tally in all exit polls.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the exit polls, the SAD-BJP alliance is confident of defying the pollsters “like in 2012”, when it proved the surveys wrong. 89-year-old chief minister Parkash Singh Badal claimed the combine would win 72 seats.

As for Congress, Amarinder Singh claimed it would win 65 seats and the AAP exuded confidence of bagging close to 100.

The state went to polls in single phase on 4 February and recorded 77.36 percent polling against 78.57 percent in the 2012 polls.

Punjab, which had mostly seen a contest between SAD-BJP alliance and the Congress over the last few decades, added a third front in the 2017 Assembly election with the entrance of Arvind Kejriwal's AAP. There were a total of 1,145 candidates in the fray, with alll the top-three contenders Congress, SAD-BJP alliance as well as AAP fielding 117 candidates. Also in the fray in Punjab are Communisty Party of India — Marxist (CPM), Communist Party of India — Marxist Liberation (CPI-ML), Aapna Punjab Party (APP), Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Punjab Front, Trinamool Congress (TMC), Punjab United (PU), Akali Dal (AD), Apna Punjab (AP), Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Party (JJJKP), Swabhiman Party (SP) and Janta Dal United (JDU).

“The counting of votes will take place on Saturday (11 March) for which all necessary preparations have been made,” an election office spokesman said in Chandigarh. It was a record for the state when the SAD (with BJP) came back to power in 2012 as no party had ever been given two consecutive terms. Since reorganisation of Punjab in 1966, the Congress and the SAD have been ruling the state alternately. The SAD-BJP alliance formed the government for the first time in 2007 and retained majority in 2012.

This time around, while the SAD is contesting 94 seats the BJP is 23. The Congress has contested all the seats. The AAP and its ally Lok Insaf Party, led by the Bains brothers of Ludhiana, are fighting 112 and 5 seats respectively.

With inputs from agencies

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