Modi might win, but Nitish better for PM post :JD(U)

Narendra Modi might have defeated his opponents in Gujarat and got re-elected by a thumping majority but NDA ally Janata Dal (United) is not yet ready to accept that he is a better national leader than Nitish Kumar.

Speaking on the imminent victory of Narendra Modi and BJP in the Gujarat elections, JD(U) leader Shabir Ali said, "If you ask me(about future PM candidate) then I will say that Nitish Kumar is the better PM candidate. Narendra Modi has been elected as the head of the state as a Chief Minister, not a Prime Minister."

 Modi might win, but Nitish better for PM post :JD(U)

Modi might have won in Gujarat but NDA ally JD(U) still does not see him as their PM candidate. AFP

He, however said that the victory was good for their alliance but it was not a remarkable victory for Modi. He said, "Modi has retained what he already had but there is no landslide."

According to him, there is no reason to consider this a remarkable victory as he reminded that BJP was facing a defeat in the hands of the Congress in the Himachal Pradesh elections. "We congratulate Narendra Modi but they look like they are heading towards losing Himachal Pradesh."

The latest trend of the election results show the BJP leading in 108 seats while the Congress is leading in 54 seats. BJP has won 10 of the declared seats while Congress has managed to grab 6 of the declared seats.

Updated Date: Dec 20, 2012 12:55:45 IST