Veiled attack on Shah Rukh Khan? BJP's Kailash Vijayvargia tweets on Kaabil vs Raees

The clash between Rahul Dholakia's crime drama Raees and Sanjay Gupta's revenge drama Kaabil is arguably the biggest clash of this year. While it is sure to cost the makers of both the films, there are certain sections of political class which are banking on this clash to gain traction on social media.

 Veiled attack on Shah Rukh Khan? BJPs Kailash Vijayvargia tweets on Kaabil vs Raees

Shah Rukh Khan on a train journey to promote Raees. Twitter

Kailash Vijayvargiya, National General Secretary, Bhartiya Janta Party has pushed out a rather controversial tweet that juxtaposes Kaabil against Raees. Superficially, the context of Raees and Kaabil come across in their literal capacities - 'rich' and 'capable' respectively.

This message by the party in power claims that the Raees citizens who do not act in favour of the country are irrelevant and they have no right to strip the Kaabil or capable people off their rights. He addresses the masses as capable and extends support to them while bashing the rich.

The context of the message is that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's demonestisation move which has apparently grounded the Raees or the rich. As Vijayvargiya lauds Modi's quest for elimination of black money circulation, we cannot help but read between the lines.

This tweet may very well be a sign of patronage to the film Kaabil while appealing to the masses not to watch Raees, on communal grounds. It is interesting to note that Raees is co-produced by Shah Rukh Khan who is also the lead actor of the film. On the other hand, Kaabil stars Hrithik Roshan in the lead role.

Khan's recent promotional train journey from Mumbai to Delhi caused a minor stampede at the Vadodara station that led to a casualty. Though Khan offered his condolence to the man who lost his life, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari attacked the superstar and held him responsible for the tragedy. On the other hand, another BJP leader Shaina NC stated that she cannot blame Khan entirely.

Updated Date: Jan 24, 2017 15:41:37 IST