Can Rahul Gandhi really ensure the Congress' victory in 2014?

Does Rahul Gandhi's elevation to the post of party vice-president, impassioned speech and all, make him a game changer for the party in the run up to the 2014 elections?

No, said former editor of The Hindu N Ram.

Speaking to Sagarika Ghose during a late night discussion on CNN-IBN, he said, "Rahul's programme lacks details. He does not make it clear to what end he desires change."

Rahul Gandhi might have impressed everyone for now, but his real test is still yet to begin. PTI.

According to Ram, one is also not clear about Rahul's political positioning and thus he risks the chance of being misinterpreted.

"We don't have a clear idea of his ideological make-up. Like, we do that Sonia Gandhi is a social democrat and she supports welfare schemes for the underprivileged extensively," he said.

However, unlike Sonia, Rahul has only supported these measures sporadically.

"All we know of him is that he is an obsessive organisation man," Ram said.

Senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta was also skeptical of Rahul's speech and said it seemed to be from the same stable of dynastic politics that the Congress and the Gandhi family have been accused of perpetrating.

"He is going to rule the minions. There was some kind of divine right underlining his speech," he said.

According to him, young leaders were impressed by his speech and do want him to step into a leadership role. However, he will be prey to the very ills that he had vouched to fight for in the speech, the columnist said.

"He is talking about decentralisation and after all MNREGA is a horribly centralised scheme. It has no provision for modification by the implementing states," Dasgupta said.

Updated Date: Jan 21, 2013 15:16 PM

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