In India, you are Left if you are not Right, but are you really Left? Take this quiz and find out

The Indian Left, many allege, is in a time warp. Mentally, it remains in the mid 19th century. The world has taken may leaps forward and the society we live in has changed in significant ways but it refuses to acknowledge the reality. It produces innumerable self-serving arguments to confine itself to its cocoon. Consumed by its own pretension of intellectuality it keeps creating fresh justifications for its relevance in the present day, but the hard fact is it is dying across the country, if not as an idea but certainly as an ideology.

The Kanihaiya Kumar and JNU episodes have brought it back from oblivion. The Left, indeed, should thank the Right for allowing it back into the public discourse. The big confusion now, however, is the Right thinks the country has just too many Leftists; and the Left despite its depleting strength believes exactly the same. So how many Leftist are there in the country? Too may, one would presume. It's better the readers answered the question for themselves.

So readers, here we go. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions. And it's fun.

Updated Date: Mar 08, 2016 15:22 PM

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