Gitanjali Dang and Khanabadosh curate this series — Invisible Light — under which various themes will be introduced. Jagte Raho is the opening theme. Read an overview of the curatorial concept, here.

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Chapter I: Gagan Singh Slows Down The News 

Chapter II: Kush Badhwar and Pallavi Paul speak to the virus 

Chapter III: Amshu Chukki looks at a protest that never happened 

Chapter IV: Mo’Halla and the film Jagte Raho on everything that doesn’t disappear 

Chapter V: Abhishek Hazra on How to Hide Your Hegel 

Chapter VI: 7 Isles Unclaimed or the Mumbai That Could Have Been

Chapter VII: Hazarding guesses with Sahej Rahal


Chapter VIII: Noticing and note-taking with Shubhangi Singh

“Do you notice the women in our city?” is the question artist and filmmaker Shubhangi Singh commences the following series of anecdotes with. It has been a question that reoccurs in Singh’s practice of keeping record of personal experiences. The experiences Singh records are those in which her (and others like her) sense of safety comes under threat while functioning in the city on a daily basis.

“Looking at micro-matters is an attempt to understand the complexities that exist in the atmosphere we find ourselves in. Bobbing and weaving through the fabric of society seems to be the only way to separate issues from non-issues and the recurring motifs from mere spectacle" says Singh.

The process of note-taking and retelling events that have shaped her relationship with the city help her to “make sense of certain combative modalities that I have adopted to negotiate my body with the space around me,” explains Singh. The anecdotes that emerge from this process begin to explore a wider framework of female existence and operation in the public sphere, reflecting on gender-based hegemony entrenched in society and systemic aiding and abetting everyday violence.













Artist in focus:

Shubhangi Singh is an artist and filmmaker from Mumbai who works with video, text and drawing. Singh’s work has shown at the Whitechapel Gallery, London, Bienale de la Imagen en Movimiento, Argentina, Cairo Video Festival, Egypt, Athens Digital Art Festival, Greece and Third Space Gallery, Helsinki. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art from Aalto University.


Kush Badhwar is a filmmaker interested in media tectonics, collaborative practice and improvised and informal political engagement. More here.

Khanabadosh is an itinerant arts lab founded by Gitanjali Dang in Mumbai in 2012. More here.