Why Rihanna can't be a replacement for Rahul

Tuhin A Sinha February 04, 2021 15:14:28 IST
Why Rihanna can't be a replacement for Rahul

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In the last 48 hours or so, the obnoxious machinations of the international deep state working to destabilise India, stands exposed like never before. What started off as a seemingly attention–seeking tweet by pop star Rihanna, was soon to expose itself as a well orchestrated conspiracy involving both internal and external players.

Hence, within hours of that Rihanna tweet asking folks to talk about the ongoing protests, the first usual suspect to pounce upon the opportunity was an old warhorse of the Congress ecosystem who sat up all night to write a piece titled, “India is at war with itself”, basing her opinion around Rihanna’s tweet. Another cheer leader of the Congress ecosystem gloated all night over Rihanna’s twitter following, being higher that of our PM. It need not be reminded here that India’s left-liberal cabal habitually considers twitter following more relevant than real ballots. No wonder their only mission in life seems to be to undermine the PM of India and the 24 crore votes that earned him the PM’s office, a second time.

While this behavior was not on unexpected lines and could have been ignored beyond a point, the real sinister motives of the campaign was to manifest itself the next day, i.e. 3 February. At 3 pm, Rahul Gandhi convenes a press conference, where he repeats for the umpteenth time (again without corroboration) that the government, is run at the behest of five-six industrial houses. He refrained from mentioning his two favorite punching bags - Ambani and Adani, whom he has ranted against multiple times in the recent past.

Well, fair enough, Congress leader's narrative is his prerogative. What, however, complicates the situation is that Greta Thunberg’s toolkit, mistakenly tweeted by her, barely hours after Rahul's presscon, apparently carries the same angst against the two corporate houses that he attacks all the time. So the starting paragraph of this notorious tool kit instructs followers thus- “In addition to the options below, you are encouraged to organize solidarity protests either at/near Indian Embassies, near your local government offices or offices of various multinational Adani and Ambani companies.” Now, it is utterly baffling how International players supporting the protest can use language so uncannily identical to the one used by Congress and left- liberal ecosystem here.
And this is where, the catch really lies.

The sheer despondency of unending failures on almost every protest- be in Kashmir, anti-CAA, or the current protest, has apparently led to the left liberals outsourcing some of its dirty tricks to international celebrities. These celebrities, by the way, were silent throughout the last year and never tweeted on graver issues like the COVID pandemic, United States Capital riots, Amazon forest fire or the Australian fire.

Given that Greta’s tool-kit, is perhaps just the tip of the iceberg, the government’s pro-active response in circumventing this campaign is entirely justified. Now is the time to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. But in the process, there are two grey zones, that need to be quickly addressed.

One, is the role of the present Canadian administration under Justin Trudeau in systematically harbouring anti-India forces. Banned Kahalistani outfit , “Sikhs for Justice” SFJ’s role in manufacturing the “toolkit” is already being speculated, with uncanny linkages. But the bigger part of the story is the support that such organisations get under Trudeau. Trudeau, for his myopic vote bank politics, perhaps does not mind Canada turning into a potential terror hub in the years to come. But India needs to expose his malafide intent to the world sooner, given the ease with which these Khaliatani outfits are mushrooming in Canada.

Two, it is important at the end of the day for Rahul to provide some credible account of his foreign tours, especially as most of these tours happen in unnatural situations. For instance, in December end, when Europe was reeling under the worst impact of the 2nd Covid wave, what was the life altering necessity that had him disappear for nearly two weeks, risking his own health and safety. The details are not specific to him being Rahul. Had it been anybody else in his position – a key public figure and India’s key opposition leader, that person would perhaps have voluntarily shared the information, as a protocol.

That India is one of the fewest countries that have emerged stronger through the COVID pandemic and that its economy is set to attract unprecedented foreign investment, are reasons enough for the international deep state to hatch newer conspiracies against us. The shady camaraderie though between a section of our left liberal cabal and their international pop and porn icons, is what makes the alliance somewhat sleazy, grotesque and unsustainable.

While we wait for the ugly truth of the toolkit to unravel itself, the cabal needs to realize for now- “Rihanna can’t substitute for Rahul.” The vacancy for a credible opposition leader in India, is wide open.

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