Mother's Day: These viral advertisements sure are the mother of all ads!

It is Mother's Day and our screens are predictably brimming with ads of maternal love and care!

Whether it's nostalgic TV advertisements about the memories you made with your mum or viral digital ads that challenge the notion of what being a mother means, these ads truly have done justice to the many roles a mother can and does take.

So we decided that in order to honour these thoughtful and creative ads, we would compile a master list of all the Mother's Day ads that have been released this year. So here's a list of the mother of all Mother's Day ads!

Nivea celebrates motherhood in all forms with this beautiful ad.

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

If the last ad almost reduced you to tears, this hilarious advert by Kraft will bring back a smile on your face. Being a mom can be hard, and doing all the chores that come along with it without swearing can be even harder. So Kraft suggests that it's time we all begin swearing like a mom!

The Bag Talk

Warning: We have another tear-jerker for you. This ad by The Bag Talk shows us why, despite our busy lives and fast-paced schedules, it's important to meet our mothers on this occasion.


Looks like it's time to laugh again! KFC has created the ultimate Mother's Day gift that you never even knew your mother wanted. That's right, they've made a romance novel written by their very own mascot "Colonel Sanders"! Now, will this novel be as steamy as their chicken nuggets? Read the novel yourself to find out! Speaking of food, EducationInsta reminded us that our mothers are the reason why we never go hungry. So send this ad to thank your mother for all the tens of thousands of meals that she has tirelessly cooked for you! If you're thinking of cooking something special for her tomorrow, we have some recipes for that too!


Skittles Okay, things might get a little weird now with this Skittles ad. It's so absurd, we just had to include it.


Indiabulls Home Loans This beautiful Indiabulls Home Loans ad is a tribute to the tireless efforts that our mothers make over the years in giving us the best upbringing that they could possibly give us.



Kotak Mahindra Bank This snappy Kotak Mahindra Bank ad proves that a little gesture can go a long way on Mother's Day.   

Micromax India

Not more than a sentence is spoken in this Micromax India ad, yet it is the eerie silence that sends the loudest message.


While this ad might have come out much before Mother's Day, it has left quite an impact. With the idea that everyone deserves a touch of care, this Vicks ad shatters stereotypes and redefines the concept of motherhood.


Another ad that challenges the concept of motherhood, this Nissan ad wishes all the fathers out there who also provide some maternal care to their children.

LG India

Our mother always plays an integral role in the journey of our lives, this LG ad poignantly portrays all the sacrifice and guidance a mother provides to help give wings to your dreams.

Prega News

This Prega News ad urges workplaces to be more receptive to expectant mothers with this uplifting ad.

Godrej Expert

This ad just has one simple message: All mothers are special. Even mother-in-laws deserve some appreciation on this day!


Hyundai's 'Tough Love' campaign is probably one of the unique adverts of the lot. With a message against underage drinking, this ad shows why mums always have their best interests at heart, no matter how much you'll hate them for it!

Discovery Kids

Bring out your tissues, because this Discovery Kids ad is going to make you weep like a baby. Love surpasses all barriers, indeed!

Brooke Bond Red Label

This Brooke Bond Red Label has truly cracked the online ad game. These unskippable five second mini-ads on YouTube have some mums speak about their kids who always seem to be engrossed in social media. So maybe take the advice of these ads and grab a cup of chai with your mother!

Star Plus

The Star Plus 'Nayi Soch' ads have always delightfully blended tradition with modernity, and this Mother's Day ad is no different. In this ad, the mother teaches her son how to cook and how to be a better person through her actions.

Which ad is your favourite? Let us know!

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Updated Date: May 14, 2017 11:16:42 IST