He uses a selfie stick and draws Michelle: New Obama Buzzfeed video goes viral

Barack Obama - leader of the free world, president of the United States and just as goofy as the rest of us.

The US President poses in front of a mirror, uses a selfie stick, and struggles to enunciate "February" in a new video designed to advertise health care.

In a skit recorded by BuzzFeed called Things Everyone Does But Doesn't Talk About, Mr Obama can also be seen blaming himself for making cookies too big to dunk in a glass of milk - "thanks Obama" - and drawing a picture of his wife Michelle with little hearts around it.

The president is also captured pretending to score a winning basket, before being interrupted and receiving a quizzical look from comedian Andrew Ilnyckyj posing as a staffer, who has ironically been doing the very same things in the video.

Mr Obama responds, "Can't I live?" He then says, "YOLO man"- an acronym for "you only live once" that was made popular by the 2011 song "The Motto" by Canadian rapper Drake.

The video was also designed to get Americans to enroll for 'Obamacare' the healthcare insurance program, which have been part of reforms that have been the cornerstone of his presidency.

The Affordable Care Act, has covered more than 10 million Americans, despite opposition from Republicans.

 He uses a selfie stick and draws Michelle: New Obama Buzzfeed video goes viral

Screengrab from the video

The light-hearted, two-minute clip attracted the usual flurry of approval and apoplexy on social media.

"It's good to see even the president has a dirty mirror, and a great sense of humour," Facebook user Teri Jacobs wrote.

"Worst president EVER," wrote Jeff Morris in an expletive-laden post.

Mr Obama's White House has frequently sought to connect directly with voters and harness social media to improve the president's image.

In a skit last year with Zach Galifianakis, Mr Obama exchanged insults with the actor, and also encouraged viewers to sign up for health care.

A short time after being posted, the video had received more than 3.7 million views, and been shared more than 200,000 times.

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Updated Date: Feb 13, 2015 16:28:41 IST