SC refuses to allow Jallikattu; Tamil Nadu govt requests Centre for ordinance

In a major setback to Tamil Nadu government, the Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed the petition urging the apex court to pass an interim order allowing Jallikattu before Saturday, reported News18.  With the Supreme Court refusing to intervene, the 2014 ban on the traditional Tamil sport remains.

Meanwhile, reports suggested that the Tamil Nadu government requested the Centre to pass an ordinance on jallikattu before Pongal. The traditional bull-taming sport is played during the three-day harvest festival across the state.

The apex court commented that no one can force it to hasten the process of judgement, and said, it was "unfair to ask bench to pass an order", the report added.

Taking a measured approach, Environment minister Anil Dave told News18 the government will look into the Supreme Court order and then react.

Reacting to the verdict, AIADMK spokesperson CR Saraswarthi told  News18 that the Tamil Nadu government will do whatever it can to allow Jallikattu to be played.

 SC refuses to allow Jallikattu; Tamil Nadu govt requests Centre for ordinance

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The DMK, while supporting a positive verdict on the traditional sport, said that it is disheartened by the apex court's decision and wanted the state government to act fast.

The Opposition party lashed out at Chief Minister O Panneerselvam for his statement on Jallikattu on Wednesday, calling it a "strategic mistake" and expected the chief minister to have been more circumspect in his statement.

DMK leader Kanimozhi, while urging the Centre to intervene, added that Tamil Nadu had not acted in time.

"The bulls used in Jallikattu are not hurt. they raised with a lot of love, like family. It is part of our culture. Why is Jallikatuu being singled out for animal cruelty? An elephant being kept in a temple can also be seen as animal cruelty, but no one says anything about that," News18 quoted her as saying.

Both, chief minister Panneerselvam as well as AIADMK supremo Sasikala had written letters to the centre urging them to allow Jallikattu during Pongal.

Urging the Centre to intervene by isuing an ordinance, Panneerselvam on Monday wrote a letter stating that the sport of Jallikattu is about bull taming and not harming the animal.

Panneerselvam, in his letter to the prime minister, said "considering the groundswell of sentiment and support for the conduct of Jallikattu all over Tamil Nadu, this is an issue on which the government of India must act with maximum despatch."

"Given that Pongal festival, which holds great importance to the people of Tamil Nadu, is less than a week away and Jallikattu is an integral part of the Pongal festivities, considering the urgency of the issue, Government of India should consider promulgating an ordinance removing the legal impediments, enabling the conduct of Jallikattu during Pongal, 2017," he said in the letter.

VK Sasikala on Wednesday wrote a letter to the prime minister reiterating the demand for an ordinance to allow the ancient sport.

"The ban on Jallikkattu has incensed the public of Tamil Nadu and the youth in particular, and all efforts have to be taken to revoke it," she had said.

This sporting event was "inextricably" linked to the rural, agrarian customs, practices and psyche of Tamils and also helped in conservation of native germplasm, since bulls with excellent physical attributes alone are reared for Jallikattu, she had noted in the letter.

Updated Date: Jan 12, 2017 13:46:38 IST