NotePeCharcha Episode 3: Dhobipada’s adivasis bear brunt of demonetisation

While the effects of demonetisation on urban India are visibly apparent to those with access to mainstream English media, its impact on rural lives is so far vague. We travelled into the interiors of Maharashtra to examine the depth of the impact.

Firstpost sent out Apoorv Mishra, who was accompanied by his friends — Tahir Alimansoor and Kush Shah, into rural Maharashtra with an iPhone, a couple of mics, a GoPro and no institutional monetary support – they had borrowed money from friends and withdrawn all the cash permitted under prevalent restrictions.

To examine the impact of the ‘masterstroke’ at the grassroots level, the trio took the road to Dhobipada in a van. We found out the hardships borne by the tribals, post-Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cashless India.

To avail the services of the ATMs and banks, Dhobipada’s people have to travel to Kasara. The rickshaws, their only mode of transport, is not an option anymore as the cash crunch has left them with no money in hand.

The villagers are of the opinion that the demonetisation move has affected their livelihood vastly. The new currency note of Rs 2,000 is a big problem as there is a dearth of supply of smaller denomination currency notes.

“Where should I go with this new note of Rs 2,000? Should I keep wandering?" said a resident of the village. The villagers also mentioned that the district bank has stopped dispensing money.

Due to lack of change, vendors have started buying and selling goods on credit.

After going around the village and talking to the local residents, the trio also found out that the local businesses have been hit hard as people have reduced their expenditure.

“We have to stand for hours in line just to get a small amount of money, even if we get lucky,” said another resident.

A woman who sold bangles said there has been a fall in business in the past month, due to the stringent money supply in the economy.

Watch the video to find out more about our quest to dig out how demonetisation impacted daily lives in rural India.

Updated Date: Nov 06, 2017 19:15:26 IST