Watch: Shah Rukh Khan explains why he chose female bodyguards, talks about female fans

FP Staff

Mar 21, 2017 15:56:04 IST

At the India Today Conclave 2017, Shah Rukh Khan spoke about the recent incident when his car ran over a journalist's foot. In his answer, he also spoke about the experience of being around fans who are eager to touch and greet him at public places.

Image from News18

Image from News18

"See the first thing, if you're stepping out and people won't let you be and they grab at you and pull you, is you have to smell good. That's important; brush your teeth, hair should be soft and you should smell very, very good. Those people, they come with expectations right? So you got to smell good, that's the secret you need to follow," he said.

Then, he addressed the topic of the accident and said that he and his driver do mention to people standing and walking close to the car that they will get hurt.

Shah Rukh Khan then spoke about why he decided to employ female body guards.

"I have lady bodyguards now, because it was getting very rude when men were pushing women and they were trying to protect. Women have lovely long nails and their love hurts. And when you come back home, you spend so much time explaining to your kids and wife that this was a fan. I have lady bodyguards now, to look after nail marks," he said.

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Updated Date: Mar 21, 2017 15:56:04 IST