Watch: Rupert Grint makes Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' sound like poetry

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint gives us a dramtic reading of Ed Sheeran's viral anthem.

FP Staff March 21, 2017 16:44:57 IST
Watch: Rupert Grint makes Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' sound like poetry
Watch Rupert Grint makes Ed Sheerans Shape of You sound like poetry

Grint recites 'Shape of You.' Via Facebook

People confuse Ed Sheeran and Rupert Grint up all the time.

While the two Brits are near the same age, it's Grint who first skyrocketed to global stardom with his childhood turn in the fantastical wizardry universe as Harry Potter's best friend Ron.

Meanwhile, Sheeran has claimed the fame thanks to his blockbuster albums, including his latest chart-topping Divide.

But the two are known lookalikes, which can be odd when it comes to fan interactions, as James Corden elucidated during Grint's appearance on the Late Late Show Monday night. "It's kind of 50-50 now. It could go either way. I could be Ed, or I could be me," Grint explained of the ongoing mix-ups between the two. Sheeran also cast Grint in his first topping hit 'Lego House.'

Now Grint gave his own Shakespeare-esque rendition of Sheeran's latest 'Shape of You.' The Snatched star did a dramatic reading of the song for Yahoo and if you ever want to hear what 'my bedsheets smell like you' would sound in Shakespearian, then this is your chance:

Grint may have got inspiration from Benedict Cumberbatch who on Jimmy Kimmel's show. Cumberbatch did a dramatic reading of R.Kelly's song 'Genius.'

"I can feel your body flowers while I’m kissing on your thighs," Cumberbatch says in his distinctive baritone voice. Watch here:

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