Watch: Daniel Fernandes dissects reasons why women get rape threats in this stand-up routine

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Mar 22, 2017 16:00:40 IST

Young women experience severe types of harassment at disproportionately higher levels than the rest of the internet-using population, a Pew Research report found. These findings collaborate with the rape threats that Gurmehar Kaur received after she took a stance against AVBP in her college.

Daniel Fernandes on stage. Image via Youtube

Daniel Fernandes on stage. Image via Youtube

Enter stand-up comic Daniel Fernandes, who always manages to weave in an important agenda in his brand of black humour.  After addressing issues like marital rape and exam pressure in his earlier stand-up routines, Fernandes now has managed to drive the point about rape threats home.

"When is it okay for women to get rape threats?"

"Never, ofcourse!" he says.

Fernandes starts his stand-up routine by addressing Gurmehar Kaur, and does it deftly without using his name.

He marvels at the phenomenon of rape threats, lamenting that maybe this is happening because men were afraid that women now have opinions of their own.

He asks "What are the top three fears of an Indian man? Bungee jumping, women with an opinion and waking up as Ram Gopal Verma."

Then, Fernandes explains, they defend the rape threats playing the 'freedom of expression card.' He goes on to explain how it is never okay to threaten women with rape. Just like it's never okay to blame women for playing 'the victim card' or 'the woman card' for something she has said on a chat show. (Ahem Karan Johar)

He goes on to say "If someone would want to write a book on gender based discourse right now, it would be called 'Women are from venus, men are from penis.'"

Fernandes thinks the only one way to do away with the whole situation is pulling a Modi-demonitisation move, 'because people in India only listen to one man.'

Watch the whole sketch here:

Updated Date: Mar 22, 2017 16:00:40 IST