Watch: Aditi Mittal's Netflix special show discusses uncomfortable things to laugh about

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Jul,12 2017 18:26:52 IST

First Vir Das, now its Aditi Mittal. When Netflix announced they were signing on Aditi Mittal for a standup special, people were pretty happy.

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When the streaming giant first released Vir Das's one hour comedy special Abroad Understanding, it opened up the gates for many more Indian stand-up comics, who could let their routines be seen by an international audience.

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Amazon Prime, Netflix's competitor, then announced that it was signing on 14 Indian comics for standup specials. There was just one problem: all the comics were men. This led to a long drawn debate on how there is sexism in standup comedy, including an Anupama Chopra led panel to discuss the issue.

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With Aditi Mittal's standup in the mix, there's lots to look forward too. Mittal is one of the few comics whose routine has a women-centric comedy experience.

She talks about eve-teasing, tampons vs pads and also does a great impression of an old fashioned sex therapist, Dr Mrs Lutchuke, who tries her best to explain sex to the younger generation.

Her comedy routines have been featured in the Hansan Minaj led comedy special Stand-Up Planet, and the comedian has also been judged as BBC Asian Comedy's 'The cream of South Asian Comedy' in London.

Here's the trailer of her Netflix special, Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say, which will stream on Netflix on 18 July:

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