Transformers: The Last Knight — New posters of robots, major characters revealed

FP Staff

Jun 07, 2017 13:29:17 IST

So far, all the promotional material put out by the makers of Transformers: The Last Knight has been intriguing, with its preview introducing viewers to its brave little female protagonist, and the trailer revealing a different side of Optimus Prime. Now, they have also released character posters and international posters.

In this film, humans and the Transformers wage war against each other, and the onus of saving the world falls on a struggling inventor, an English professor, and astronomer-historian and Bumblebee, a Transformer. The other noteworthy character is young Izzy, who has grown up around Transformers and also knows how to fix them.

But the most significant part of this film will be Optimus Prime, who turns on his own kind by attacking Bumblebee. Though his attack is preceded by an apology, it raises several questions. Has Prime chosen to change sides? Does he not approve of his fellow Autobot's alliance with humans?

Transformers: The Last Knight is directed by Michael Bay, who also directed the previous installments. This film, however, will be his last one in the franchise.

The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Isabela Moner, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, John Turturro, Laura Haddock and Anthony Hopkins. Produced by Paramount Pictures, Transformers: The Last Knight is slated to release on 23 June, 2017.

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2017 13:29:17 IST