The Mummy trailer: Watch Tom Cruise rise from the dead to fight evil

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Apr 03, 2017 20:15:04 IST

A new trailer for The Mummy is out, and this time Universal Pictures has made sure it is not missing any sound effects.

The first Mummy trailer garnered quite a bit of attention after Universal accidentally released it without sound. The flubbed video made its way around Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube for close to a week before Universal finally took it down.

The Mummy trailer: Watch Tom Cruise rise from the dead to fight evil

Tom Cruise in The Mummy.

The new trailer features more about the apocalyptic wrath of Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a vengeful Egyptian princess back from the dead to claim the world as her own. Lucky for us, she’ll have to go through Tom Cruise first.

The film has Cruise playing Nick Morton, a wanna-be Indiana Jones archaeologist who, like all of his predecessors in The Mummy series, accidentally unearths a vengeful, power hungry mummy from her crypt.

As we saw in the first trailer, Nick dies in a plane crash that occurs while trying to transport the mummy, only to return to the land of the living in a surprising resurrection that will give Rajnikant and his filmmakers a run for his money. With the help of Russel Crowe's Dr. Jekyll (we are hoping there is more than implied with the name 'Jekyll' in the film) and Jenny Hasley (Annabelle Wallis), he races across the globe to stop Ahmanet’s power from swallowing the earth.

"You can’t run. You can’t escape," Jake Johnson’s Sgt. Vail tells Nick, as we see Cruise in all his action star glory in a death-defying underwater chase, car accident, and face-to-face battle with the evil spirit. "She’s got plans for you."

Here's the trailer for the film which releases on  9 June 2017:

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