Taapsee Pannu urges women to hit back: Watch her explain why self-defense is not just an option

Ankita Maneck

Mar 28, 2017 13:43:50 IST

After battling with the demons of society in Pink, Taapsee Pannu literally takes the fight to the street in her new film Naam Shabana where she plays a secret service agent whose martial arts moves look good enough to rival those of Bruce Lee.

Now Taapsee has a very important message to impart via a new video by Blush. Titled Taapsee Unblushed, the video asks women to learn self defense, and hit back. The actress drives home an important point: Don't be afraid to defend yourself if the situation demands it.

In the video, we hear Taapsee say, "Forgive me — because just screaming won’t help. You owe your body an apology for not arming it. Self-defense is not just a sport. Self-defense is no longer just an option."

Taapsee Pannu urges women to hit back: Watch her explain why self-defense is not just an option

A still from the video. Image via Youtube

The video questions for how long will women avoid dark lanes, late-night cabs or their abusive husband’s bedroom and urges women to be well versed in physical defense so that she doesn't need a man's help to keep herself safe:

"Don’t be sorry that you went to watch a film with your boyfriend at 10 in the night.
Don’t be sorry that a man’s hand touched your waist in a crowded bus.
Don’t be sorry that you wore a mini skirt to college.
Be sorry because you didn’t react and hit back. Be sorry because you didn’t know how to fight for yourself."

Talking to Firstpost, Taapsee Pannu tells us about how she came about doing the video for Blush. She says, "I am a proud feminist. But feminism for me doesn't mean the term 'feminazi' that people usually associate with the term. For me it is just the fact that we want an equal world. And also because I have worked with Blush before, they know the sort of work I do and what sort of values I stand for. I guess that is the reason they approached me for the video."

She tells us about how people perceive her as an action heroine and whether people comment on her martial arts training: She tells us, "I am told 'You look very delicate'. 'You have very feminine, delicate features, but what you do onscreen (the action sequences) are totally opposite to the way you look.' I just laugh at this and say, well it means I am a great actress then."

How important does she think self defense is for women? "It is of utmost importance. How long can we stay quiet about the injustice done to us? We should learn to fight back," Tapsee counters.

A still from the video. Image via Youtube

A still from the video. Image via Youtube

Pink stressed on the assumptions that are made about women, their behaviour and their 'moral character'. The Blush video also takes on several of those assumptions or unwritten rules. We asked her what she thinks about these unwritten rules:

She says, "The key is to question. People tell women that we are supposed to sit crossed legged. We are supposed to not sit with legs open or straight. Don't go out after this time. Just do as you are told and not ask questions. Don't question your elders. I don't mind respecting my elders. But there has to be logic behind rules and norms that we have to follow. That is the reason I don't understand why women are told not to go out at this time, or not to wear something. You should always question, why can't I go out? Why can't I wear what I want?"

Here's Taapsee Unblushed video, where she urges women to hit back:

Updated Date: Mar 28, 2017 13:43:50 IST

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