Stupid Man Smart Phone: Sumeet Vyas, Sahil Khattar find and lose a camel in Rajasthan

FP Staff

Oct,04 2017 21:54:26 IST

High fortresses, shots of a dessert, locals sporting colourful clothes — in the second leg of Stupid Man Smart Phone, Sumeet Vyas tells us that he is on an adventure with Sahil Khattar in Rajasthan. Khattar is the founder of Being Indian. After much exploring, pranking foreigners and joking about around with the locals, the duo manage to find each other. They take a ride on a rickety scooter, only to find a camel!

sumeet vyas

Sumeet Vyas and Sahil Khattar in Stupid Man Smart Phone. Video screengrab

The man who owns the camel regales them with stories of how this camel will soon get married. Then the duo try very hard to get on the camel. They name her Humpty, and even try to have conversations with her.

At night, they have a jamming session with a turbaned local. The next morning, they find that the camel isn't where they left her! The duo may have gained some survival skills in Rajasthan, but it seems as though they may have lost their ride.

Updated Date: Oct 04, 2017 21:54 PM