Pulkit Samrat on 3 Storeys: 'Working on the film has opened up my mind and helped shed my inhibitions'

Abhishek Srivastava

Mar,07 2018 09:07:52 IST

It’s been more than six years for Pulkit Samrat since he first faced the arc lights for his debut film but it was only last year that he tasted mega success with Fukrey Returns. So when a film becomes a major success what does it do to an individual’s confidence? “He or she gets more avenues or opportunities to display that confidence. More people come up to you and say 'hi' and more people come up with offers which might be very lucrative.” Pulkit believes that the situation is also the moment when you make the choice between money or good work. He maintains that he is level-headed and can easily detach from success. “This is what Salman bhai had told me. There is no guarantee whether the next Friday will be big for him or not and the same applies to me too. He had told me that he can’t give guarantees and thus the best way to overcome this is to always keep oneself busy and working which he has done all his life.”

Pulkit Samrat. Image from Twitter/Pulkit Samrat

Pulkit Samrat. Image from Twitter/Pulkit Samrat

Pulkit’s next flick, 3 Storeys, is again for Excel Entertainment and this time the role he has opted for has absolutely no shades of his previous films. People may know Pulkit for his swag but for 3 Storeys he was specifically asked by director Arjun Mukerjee to keep it at bay. Did he face any difficulty while shooting? “No, I did not encounter any problem. When Arjun narrated the script to me I had the one liner with me and liked the idea. Ritesh had earlier spoken to me about the film and I had an idea about who all will be part of the film and so I was already half sold on it.” Pulkit is hesitant to reveal much about the plot of his track but does divulge that he plays a poor man who has his roots in the interior of the state. “Mystery, thrill and intrigue are integral to the film. My character Vilas has mystery written all over his face and you can’t trust him in the first instance so you don’t know if he is a friend or foe. I, myself, would think twice before trusting this guy.”

In a short span of five years, 3 Storeys is also the fourth flick that Pulkit will be appearing in for the Excel banner. Is he now the blue eyed baby of Excel? “I don’t know. Farhan and Ritesh can answer that better but I would definitely say that I am sitting in their lap. I am from Delhi and when I came to Mumbai I had no link or connect with the industry. Having watched Dil Chahta Hai during my school days, getting a chance to come to Excel office was in itself a surreal feeling. Excel is like home and the friends that I did not have here, Excel kind of brought in for me. I hope I don’t disappoint them,” says a hopeful Pulkit.

Pulkit recalls that there was no any specific moment in his life when he was bitten by the acting bug and becoming an actor was always a childhood dream. Post college he enrolled himself at Apeejay Institute of Design to further a career in advertising but after he landed a TV commercial, the shoot for which was scheduled in Mumbai, there was no looking back. “My parents always thought that the acting bug will go away with time but this never happened. I was told that when my mother was expecting me, dad had said in jest that if it were a boy they would name him Dharmendra and in case of a baby girl she would be named Hema Malini. Both my parents are filmy buffs. My dad can tell you the exact date when a film was released,” reveals Pulkit.

It’s been often said about Pulkit that Salman Khan remains his mentor and has been instrumental in shaping his career. So does he consult the man on his films? “No, I don’t really consult him and he also does not give me advice as people perceive. There is only love and respect. It’s not like since we both know each other that I will request him to make a film for me. It’s never the case. He was the first person to call me when numbers were in for Fukrey Returns and he was really happy about it. Either he will love you or won’t. It’s as simple as that.”

Pulkit was also in the news recently when at the trailer launch event of his another film Veerey Ki Wedding. At the event, he went ahead to comment that he now no more believes in the institution of marriage. So was it his divorce that forced him to come up with such a statement? “I didn't even give an answer to the question. I had only said that I can’t really comment on it. I am single yaar, let me enjoy my single life only then will I be able to comment if I believe in marriage or not.” Prod him further if he was misquoted on his statement, he shrugs off things. “That’s ok and it does not bother me. Initially there used to be five things about me but now it has come down to one. So it’s all good.”

Pulkit has not done much variety of roles in his career and 3 Storeys has given him a chance to veer into a different direction. Does he believe that his career will take a different direction now? “I don’t know about that but all I can say is that it has opened up my mind and has helped me shed my inhibitions. Earlier I would not have searched for a film like this, this film searched for me and came to me but from now onwards such kind of films will also be part of my search,” signs off Pulkit.

Updated Date: Mar 07, 2018 09:07 AM