Pahlaj Nihalani approaches FCAT after dragging CBFC to court over release of Govinda's Rangeela Raja

FP Staff

Nov 20, 2018 14:10:40 IST

Pahlaj Nihalani approached the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) on 15 November after the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) recommended 20 cuts in his upcoming film Rangeela Raja. The Govinda-starrer ran into trouble with the CBFC after the filmmaker refused to comply with its demands and moved the court against it. Now the former CBFC chief has taken the matter to the FCAT, as per the court's directive.

Rangeela Raja still. YouTube screengrab

Rangeela Raja still. YouTube screengrab

"With the regular courts resuming on Monday after the Diwali holidays, we informed the presiding judge about it. At the same time, we also hope the case, which I have already filed, will be heard today. I won’t be leaving any option in fighting against this injustice being meted out to me and my film," Nihalani told DNA. The hearing will take place tomorrow on 21 November.

The film was scheduled to release on 16 November but Nihalani was not granted an interim relief, due to which the release was stalled. In his petition filed earlier this month, Nihalani said the CBFC suggestion was unjustified and uncalled for as he firmly believed that the film was not vulgar in any manner. He also hit out at the present CBFC head, Prasoon Joshi, accusing him of being "politically motivated."

Updated Date: Nov 20, 2018 14:10:40 IST