On Air with AIB season 2: All India Bakchod releases a sharp trailer of their news comedy show

FP Staff

Mar,03 2017 11:52:33 IST

All India Bakchod (AIB) released the trailer video of the second season of their news comedy show On Air with AIB on 2 March, 2017, and it looks promising.

Youtube screengrab

Youtube screengrab

In the video, there are short, snappy clips of situations we are all familiar with – neighbours who must borrow sugar, professors who must shame you for wearing short clothes and friends who must shove cake into your face on your birthday. The message is clear; these types of behaviour are ridiculous or make no sense, but they continue to persist.

And just like them, AIB too, says it will persist and poke fun. The recurring line “On Air with AIB Seson 2 hai toh, lega hi,” is how they drive home this point. The situations portrayed in the video may be an indication of the subjects they will be satirising and analysing – censorship, Trump, and live news debates, among other things.

There’s also a scene where the AIB team is seen standing in a lift with a politician, who they all greet in the style of Tulsi Virani from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. This is where the “lega hi, dega hi” pun is really funny.

The trailer of the show’s last season had a very different tone; in it, they were self-deprecating and made fun of how Hotstar doesn’t care about them. They also mentioned that they didn’t want to change attitudes, just that they want to change the mood of the audience.

The last season received both positive and negative reviews. While some said that it had touched upon important issues such as corruption and the fate of whistle blowers, others said that it could have been more scathing in the treatment of topics and criticised it for trying to emulate John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight and Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show.

If the “lega hai” tone is to be considered, maybe this season will be more hard-hitting and unabashed.

Watch the trailer here:

On Air with AIB season 2 will air on 6 March, 2017 on Hotstar.com.

Updated Date: Mar 03, 2017 11:52 AM