New Avengers: Endgame theories suggest arrival of a new supervillain, Thanos' second snap and an alternate MCU

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Feb 13, 2019 13:38:56 IST

Avengers: Endgame, the highly anticipated and closely guarded conclusion to the Avengers saga, debuts in theatres on 26 April, 2019. The speculation about the final instalment continues ever since Avengers: Infinity War ended on that cliffhanger with Thanos erasing half the population of the universe and as many of Marvel’s superheroes dissolving into the air.

After Marvel released the first trailer for the film, the rumours and theories have only increased tenfold. So, here are all the intriguing ones that have been doing the rounds over the last week or so.

 New Avengers: Endgame theories suggest arrival of a new supervillain, Thanos second snap and an alternate MCU

A still from the new Avengers: Endgame trailer. YouTube

Exit Thanos; Enter Kronos.

While the first ten years of the MCU were building up to the threat of Thanos, the next phase of the franchise might have a far more powerful and sinister threat introduced in the upcoming Avengers film. While we had earlier discussed the possibility of this threat in an earlier roundup, Redditor u/ak2sup believes another cosmic entity by the name of Kronos might make his entry in Endgame.

Citing some specific plot ploints from the Infinity Gauntlet comic book series, the theory claims Kronos will assist the Avengers in undoing Thanos' snap and then defeating him before revealing his true, sinister intentions.

Kronos is the main villain of Avengers Endgame (MCU) from r/FanTheories

Thor and Rocket to rescue surviving Asgardians

In the Endgame Super Bowl TV Spot, Thor and Rocket were seen in a strange, Asgard-like location. Screenrant's Thoma Bacon believes the two are on a mission to find the remaining Asgardians. This includes Thor: Ragnarok fan favourites like Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie and Thor's friends, Korg and Miek — who were all missing in Infinity War but are presumed to have escaped Thanos' wrath.

"Thor is King of the surviving Asgardians, and his responsibility is to find his people. Rocket doesn't belong on Earth, and he and Thor seem to have become friends, so it would make sense for him to stick around the Thunder God and help him look for the last of the Asgardians. What's more, it seems highly likely that Thor will track down these Asgardian survivors, given Tessa Thompson was seen on set during filming of the two Avengers blockbusters, and even returned for reshoots with Chris Hemsworth in September," he writes.

The alternate MCU

There have already been plenty of theories on how the Snappening split the universe into two. According to Redditor u/Enervata, the Avengers assumed to have perished in Infinity War are actually alive in an alternate universe but are unaware about.

"This alternate universe is the one that Marvel moves forward with in the future. What if the people who lived at the end of Infinity War are actually the ones who get left behind?," wonders the Redditor.


Avengers: End Game - The Snap is probably not what you thought, and I think they won't undo it. from r/FanTheories

Second Snappening

Redditor u/SammyWalks has his own theory on the Snappening as he suggests a second Snap will undo the damage caused in Infinity War but the original surviving Avengers will succumb to a deadly fate instead in Endgame.

"What if the first snap neutralised the genuine threats to Thanos, and Endgame is Thanos realising the OG Avengers are the threat, eliminating them allowing a new generation of heroes that haven't been beaten over and over again to take the torch and stop Thanos?"

What if 'the snap' occurs in Endgame, it is just a different set of Avengers that survive? from r/marvelstudios

Captain Marvel and the Endgame connection

YouTube user Joshua Munn has an interesting theory on how the events of Captain Marvel and Endgame are connected. He believes in the upcoming origin film, Captain Marvel is sent back in time to the 1990s where she realises her destiny.

"Carol’s memories are supposed to be from the future not the past. Marvel is marketing the film as a simple origin film with her memories appearing to appear [sic] from the past, but Carol and her friend from the recent trailer, the other pilot, were actually victims of the snap, but instead of dusting, Carol and Talon (Ben Mendelson’s Skrull character) are actually sent back to the ‘90s, but Carol doesn’t remember.

Fury, Coulson, and her try to figure this all out and her past, and it’s revealed by Talon that Carol was sent back in time through the snap so she’s not remembering the ‘70s-‘80s, she’s remembering the ‘90s all the way until she got dusted.

Talon’s plan was to cause the Kree-Skrull war and semi-Secret Invasion to get the cosmic cube/Tesseract before Thanos does to prevent the snap 25 years before it ever happens. But Carol kills him and Jude Law’s character (Mar-Vell/Yon-Rogg) and prevents them from getting the Tesseract.

Carol and Fury find out that Carol is actually a little girl during the ‘90s and she leaves Earth because she would be jeopardizing her own existence and Dr. Strange’s plan to have them win, which he tells Ancient One (he also goes back in time to make sure he becomes Dr. Strange by causing his car accident) and Carol gives Fury the pager telling him to call her only when Thanos does the snap, not sooner.

Ancient One appears in the post-credits scene of Captain Marvel telling Nick Fury that Carol was telling the truth about Thanos and the snap but if he deviates from her and Strange’s plan they can’t defeat Thanos. She then gives him a folder called the Avengers Initiative featuring pictures of Tony, Bruce, Cap, and Thor."

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