Nach Baliye 8: Shoaib-Dipika impress, Divyanka-Vivek get fierce in Episode 16

Seema Sinha

Jun,04 2017 14:08:55 IST

The couples on Nach Baliye 8 were challenged by Remo D’Souza, who entered the show as a special guest this week. To promote his upcoming show, Dance +, the choreographer also announced that the best performer will get a Dance + trophy from him. “I’m your fan, but I am not here to appreciate your performance, but to challenge you. There will be a professional dance group who will dance with you and all of you will have to bring your dance at their level. They won’t bring down their level,” said Remo while explaining the concept to the participants. Remo is the fourth judge in addition to Terence Lewis, Sonakshi Sinha and Mohit Suri and now the contestants had to achieve a perfect 40 instead of 30.

The performances began with Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya's phenomenal act. The duo were performing with one of the most challenging dance groups, and they performed on the song 'Malhari' from Bajirao Mastani. We got to see the aggressive and fierce side of Divyanka in this act, and even the judges were quite impressed. “It was a big challenge for both of you and you could compete with them with your timely flips, lifts and jumps," says Remo. “The best part was that no step was lifted from the original 'Malhari' song. Costumes, choreography, dance movements, dialogue, everything was well delivered,” added Terence, and the couple score 37.

on Nach Baliye 8. Image from Facebook

Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya on Nach Baliye 8. Image from Facebook

Divyanka and Vivek’s choreographer, Vaibhav, who is a huge fan of Remo, showed everyone the tattoo he got of his guru (Remo) on his back. Everyone got emotional as he spoke about how Remo inspires him to grow and Remo hugged him, thanking him for all the love. “Actually, I am scared of these tattoos because then it becomes my responsibility to prove myself more and more,” said Remo. Even other contestants were emotional after listening to Vaibhav.

After this was Siddharth Jadhav and Trupti’s performance, which was an extremely creative act. “Choreography was amazing with lot of romance, dance, surprise element and emotion,” said Remo. Siddharth and Trupti’s act was followed by the age-old debate of how husbands always apologize and women don’t. Mohit ended the discussion by saying that women do sacrifice a lot and adjust to a completely new environment after leaving their parents’ home.

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim on Nach Baliye 8. Image from Facebook

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim on Nach Baliye 8. Image from Facebook

And then the show moved on to the next performance by Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim. The special guest on the show was impressed by the fact that their choreographer ensured they perfected the difficult steps instead of making the dance group do all the difficult steps. Dipika surprised everyone with a few off-beat dance steps. “I gave the challenge with the Wild Rippers, who keep moving and they never stop, and you guys could pull it off. Matching steps with the Wild Rippers is no mean task,” said Remo. “I would be afraid to those flips,” added Sonakshi. Terence ended the episode with his performance, which proved his passion for the art. Not just the participants but the choreographers are also in awe of the reality show judge.

Updated Date: Jun 04, 2017 14:08 PM