Mission Impossible 6: Tom Cruise to shoot the next film in India, London and Paris

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Apr 04, 2017 16:50:42 IST

Global superstar, Scientology follower and Mummy destroyer Tom Cruise is all set to come to India to shoot Mission: Impossible 6, the next film in the franchise.

Mission Impossible 6: Tom Cruise to shoot the next film in India, London and Paris

File Photo of Tom Cruise.

The fourth film of the franchise, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was shot in 2011 in India too, but Tom Cruise was not a part of the schedule.

Instead a body double shot the portions with him alongside Anil Kapoor in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

For the sixth film, the filming locations will be India, London, Paris and New Zealand, according to a tweet by a film writer. Tom Cruise will reportedly shoot in India for two weeks for the film.

A source also told Mid-day, "The team will shoot in India for a month, later this year. The locations will be chosen depending on the stunts conceived. Of the cities being considered, Mumbai will be a prime location [for filming]. They're also looking at Rajasthan and Kerala, but details are yet to be finalised. From a co-ordination point of view, [shooting in Mumbai] makes work easier for the crew."

The Hollywood unit is going to recruit the same crew associated with the Ghost Protocol and they will arrive for a month-long recce in June.

A DNA report also quoted a source saying "The details of the Indian schedule will be finalised after the first meeting with the [Indian] crew. The [Hollywood] team is also in talks with Mumbai-based casting agents to scout for local talent for the film's supporting cast. With a good portion of outdoor shots, India will make more than a blink-and-miss appearance this time."

Mission Impossible 6 will release on 6 July 2018.

Updated Date: Apr 04, 2017 16:50:42 IST