Kiki Challenge: Central Railway, RPF begin probe after youth's video in Mumbai local train goes viral

FP Staff

August 08, 2018 10:13:26 IST

The Kiki Challenge is proving to be more dangerous each day and continuous warnings by authorities don't seem to reduce the number of people trying the stunt on various modes of transport.

A still from the video. YouTube screengrab

A still from the video depicting the youth performing the Kiki Challenge on the train. YouTube screengrab

As per new reports in Zee News, the Mumbai authorities have ordered a probe related to a viral video posted by a youth, trying the Kiki Challenge in a moving local train at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT). The Central Railway and RPF authorities have already begun their search for the boy who is believed to be in his early twenties.

The report notes that the video, published on a channel called 'Somu Stoodio' depicts the youth dancing to Drake's 'In My Feelings' on the local train which he jumps out of, to perform on the platform. The video was published on 30 July and currently has above 46 thousand views.

All concerned authorities have issued warnings which prohibit others from performing the challenge. The Mumbai Police had tweeted out to people on 25 July, warning them about the risks involved in the challenge.

On 2 August, they posted a humorous tweet on the same issue in a bid to raise awareness among citizens.

Updated Date: Aug 08, 2018 10:13 AM