Kalki Koechlin explores India-Pakistan in her debut documentary Azmaish

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Jan 17, 2017 17:11:33 IST

Kalki Koechlin is all pumped up for her first documentary titled Azmaish. The film will see her interview commoners of India and Pakistan on their trials and future. She has collaborated with a filmmaker from across the border, Sabiha Sumar, and is looking to crowdfund the project.

Kalki Koechlin explores India-Pakistan in her debut documentary Azmaish

Kalki Koechlin. File Photo

In a Facebook Live, Koechlin answered the questions of what could be her prospective sources of funds and also threw light on her ambitious project in the process. She clarified that the documentary looks at the two countries outside the context of conflict and rather focuses on what the common man on the street actually thinks about the relation between the two countries instead of how the relationship has been projected by the media and the political forces.

"What I realised while exploring both the countries was that both are very different. You cannot compare Pakistan, which is just a 70-year old country to a country like India that has been around for centuries. Both the countries have their set of problems to deal with. So what we aim to achieve through this documentary is to make both the countries look inward and deal with their problems rather than pointing a finger at the neighbouring country for their own problems," said Koechlin.

She also stated how both the countries can learn immensely from each other's struggles.

Kalki explained the reason why she was drawn towards the project was also because of her tendency to question identities. "Since I am a French-Indian, I always wondered what my identity is all about. Even my director Sabiha also assumes a mixed identity so it was quite exciting to work together."

Azmaish is scheduled to be screened at a film festival in London, post which it will premier on television in Europe. Kalki was unsure of when exactly her maiden documentary will release in India and Pakistan as the film is yet to garner Rs 5 lakh more to complete its minimum crowdfunding requirement of Rs 20 lakh.

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Updated Date: Jan 17, 2017 17:11:33 IST