Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl video features Saoirse Ronan running around on the streets of Ireland

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May,05 2017 15:00:06 IST

She played the fiddle in an Irish band.
She fell in love with an English man.

Ed Sheeran runs through the pubs and streets with Irish-American actress Saoirse Ronan in the new video for his hit song 'Galway Girl.'

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A still from the video. Image via Twitter.

Sheeran shot the video himself from the first-person perspective on location in Galway, Ireland, which mirrors Murad Osman's famous #followmeto Instagram photo series.

The clip opens with the singer leaving a concert and immediately heading to a bar where he grabs a drink and runs in to Ronan. Irish entertainment pair Tommy Tiernan and Hector Ó hEochagáin also make a brief cameo, where they're shown drinking Guinness at a table in the men's toilets.

After Sheeran accidentally lands a dart in some bloke's back, the pair take off and roam the streets, running into fans who have Sheeran sign a cast — and a copy of his recent Rolling Stone cover story. Elsewhere, Ronan gives Sheeran a fresh tattoo — which turns out to be his already infamous 'Galway Grill' mark, (yes it is real).

NME reports that Ronan deliberately misspelled 'Galway Girl' on his arm during filming — which he later had tatooed on. He said, "When we were filming it, I meant to get a tattoo of her handwriting saying 'Galway Girl' from her point of view." Sheeran told the crowd at a recent show in Glasgow. "It actually says 'Galway Grill.' G-R-I-L-L. She really took the piss out of me — full on."

Ed Sheeran's misspelled tattoo. Image via Twitter.

Ed Sheeran's misspelled tattoo. Image via Twitter.

After that, Sheeran and Ronan grab one last beer, though at the bar the singer accidentally spills his drink on the same fellow he stabbed earlier with the dart. Sheeran takes a swift punch to the face and blacks out, but wakes up the next morning with Ronan in a house overlooking the ocean.

Sheeran collaborated with Irish band Beoga on the traditional folk-flavored track, which joins 'Shape of You' and 'Castle on the Hill' as the third song to get a full-production video from his album ÷ [read as 'Divide').

Watch the Jason Koenig-directed clip for 'Galway Girl' below.

Updated Date: May 05, 2017 15:00 PM