Deepika Padukone trolled for Vanity Fair photograph: Thin-shaming is a thing, and it's not cool

FP Staff

Jul,15 2017 13:25:59 IST

Fat shaming. We've all heard it, seen it and sometimes knowingly (or unknowingly) partook in it.

The flip side to fat shaming is thin shaming, and it's just as real. The latest victim of this phenomenon is Deepika Padukone, who recently came under the scanner for being 'too thin and weak' after the actress posted a photograph of her shoot with Vanity Fair UK

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The photograph was shared on Padukone's Instagram account and saw the actress wearing a simple black sheath dress, with statement jewelry that was adorning her neck being the focal point of the shoot. Padukone was featured in the magazine as a part of the Vanity Fair On Jewelry series.

The picture sparked off a debate on Padukone's comment section as per usual, with some people being just downright mean. Many people said her bones are sticking out and that she looks sick and malnourished. Some 'health and nutrition experts' told the actress to eat more, while one particularly good samaritan claimed he knew where she lived and would send her some food.

Many Pammi Auntys were also spotted creeping around the picture as they gave their unsolicited advice on how Bollywood's leading lady could put on some weight.

Screenshot of Deepika Padukone's comment section on Vanity Fair photograph.

Screenshot of Deepika Padukone's comment section on Vanity Fair photograph.

There were however, some Shivaji-esque warriors that came forward to defend Padukone's honour and told everybody to STFU and go home. These were the heroes without capes that told Padukone to put on her blinkers, do exactly as she pleases and just ignore 'da h8ers', and it is heartwarming to see that we haven't completely lost our mental faculties for rational thought.

Newsflash: Most thin people don't stay thin on purpose. It is not that heard to understand that biology supersedes whatever prejudiced, ill-informed opinion social media patrons have, and when someone has a certain bone structure and bone density, along with a particular rate of metabolism there is nothing they can do about it.

As much as the naive People's Republic of Instagram think Padukone, or any other person that is body shamed, lives to please them and serve their regressive opinions — they, in fact, do not.

Padukone was also in the news recently when she was trolled for her Maxim photoshoot. All that the photos did was give the world a very fit Deepika Padukone, looking like the poster child for good posture. People's sensibilities however, were once again offended (surprise, surprise) — and there was no dearth of unsolicited advise, as they offered Padukone some clothes to cover up.

In this day and age, it is scary to think that there are so many people who have such misinformed opinions about someone else's body, and have no qualms about voicing it. Repeat after us, you lot — it's not your body, so your opinion doesn't matter.

Updated Date: Jul 15, 2017 14:32 PM