Comic Con Mumbai 2017: Sahil Shah performs, Cosplay winner announced on Day 2

Day 2 at Comic Con Mumbai saw people in their best cosplay outfits, from Deadpool to Vegito, and even Sahil Shah dressed as Chewbacca!

Neerja Deodhar November 13, 2017 21:52:28 IST

Spider-man: Homecoming saw Iron Man taking Peter Parker under his wing, even providing him with a new and improved suit. Comic Con Mumbai saw Spider-Man and Iron Man fight in public. We're not making this up!

The second day of the 2017 edition of Comic Con in Mumbai was exciting for more than one reason. There was the cosplay contest, where two kids dressed up as Spider-Man and Iron Man began running after each other and showing off their super powers on stage, and an interesting line-up of guest speakers too. Sundays are particularly crowded at Comic Con, but if you're pumped for the "best weekend of the year", you'll spend your time identifying people's costumes and talking about other fandoms.

Sahil Shah may seem like an out-of-place addition at a venue such as this, but the comedian is a huge fan of Star Wars. He came dressed as Chewbacca and spoke about how much he likes Rick and Morty. One of his funniest jokes was about how while today's kids dress up as characters from the Marvel and DC Comics, in his time, people used to read Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle, which sent the crowd into fits of laughter. He also took a number of jibes at the Kapil Sharma Show, each of which was funnier than the last. Sahil, here's me hoping that you'll write a whole set on him!

Another interesting discussion was with professional cosplay artist Nicole Marie Jean. She has been cosplaying for over seven years now, and has been invited to numerous comic conventions where she has displayed a staggering number of costumes — 150 to be exact! As someone who has mastered several skills, including working with aluminium, steel, and clay, she is also a seamstress and sculptor. Her first ever cosplay was a character from Suckerpunch, and she appreciated the effort put in by fans in Mumbai. She said that each cosplay needs a different skill set, and that bringing a 2D image to life is always the biggest challenge. She has gone as Daenerys from Game of Thrones and Soldier 76 from Overwatch, video game. Putting together the costume for Soldier 76 took her a whole week. She finds genderbends — where she must dress up as a male character — tough, but the results always pay off. As always, there were several people dressed up in elaborate characters from anime such as Naruto and Death Note, and popular fandoms like Game of Thones and Harry Potter. There were more Jokers walking around than you could count on your fingers, all asking why you were so serious. But what stood out were costumes such as the Penguin from Batman: Arkham; 34-year-old Satyen Bajaj both looked and acted the part, walking around with his cigarette holder and the characteristic pot-bellied swagger. It doesn't come as surprise that his monochromatic costume won him a prize.

One of my favourite parts of this year's experience was seeing more characters from Netflix series make an appearance. I saw at least three cosplayers dressed as Eleven from Stranger Things, and one of them was a man! With unshaved legs and a genuine love for the show, he was roaming about with a friend who was dressed as a box of Eggos. There were a couple of Ricks too, from Rick and Morty, with their blue hair and lab coats.

The best of the best displayed their costumes and acting skills during the Cosplay Contest. People chose from diverse pop culture sources, from Deadpool to Vegito to desi characters like Akshay Kumar from Bhool Bhulaiyaa and Aamir Khan from PK. There were also some interesting takes on superheroes, such as Iron Man in a kurta, and a mix of five Marvel superheroes. But the winner, Prachita Banerjee, stood out in her costume; she was cosplaying as the Death Prophet from Dota 2. With outlandish eye lenses and green skin, this illustrator who works in animation, has played the game for only a year but really loves the character of the Death Prophet. Her advice to amateur cosplayers is that they should portray a character they like and relate to, and not pay heed to what others say.

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