Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, week 6 updates: Tejaswi evicted; Lakshmi Manchu enters the house

Mridula Ramadugu

Jul 23, 2018 12:41:40 IST

Just when we thought Bhanu Sree's elimination was surprising, week six's elimination was the real shocker so far. And we say this not only because of the Telugu audience but the housemates themselves.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 bid goodbye to Tejaswi Madivada this week after a tricky self elimination task of sorts. Regularly highlighted for tiffs and though called controversial, Tejaswi was still considered a strong counterpart and her exit definitely became the talk of the town.

There was an unusual tension in the air as Samrat, Tanish, Deepthi, Tejaswi and Roll Rida faced nominations this week and audience were more hooked as Nani left us guessing between romantics - Samrat and Tejaswi earlier on Saturday.

 Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, week 6 updates: Tejaswi evicted; Lakshmi Manchu enters the house

Lakshmi Manchu in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Image via Twitter

With Tejaswi exiting the house and leaving a void behind, especially for now best buds - Samrat and Tanish, week six was a week of fun and plenty of emotions as well with not one but two special appearances - Actress Lakshmi Manchu and Anchor Pradeep.

Here is how a week of reel life, risks and emotional departures unrolled in the Bigg Boss Telugu house:

Tricky self nomination

The past week's nominations saw a fresh set of housemates in the danger zone while most of the usually targeted contestants got a good chance of staying back. Samrat, Tanish, Deepthi, Tejaswi and Roll Rida - most of whom are otherwise considered strong contestants of season two were in a precarious position this week. And this seemed to happen by choice. According to this week's Bigg Boss instructions, contestants were tied up in pairs until one of them chose to set the other free. And the one left with cuffs were in for a pressurising week. The tricky nomination task also got to limelight some interesting and rather surprising combinations like Kaushal & Samrat, Tejaswi & Nandini and more.

Ganesh fiasco

Though the tricky self nomination task seemed to go on pretty smoothly, the secret task of the week happened to provide the drama dosage of the week. All did not go well between an otherwise very humble Amit and Ganesh after the former broke an egg on the latter's head, thanks to a secret task. The actor had suddenly come under the scanner for being cruel and brutal for no reason and had all the housemates dumbstruck. Meanwhile, we witnessed a very furious Ganesh, who was seen crying his lungs out on a task that went wrong for both the parties. With Amit giving up and Nani pulling Ganesh's leg for over reacting, everything did get back to normal in the house.

Blockbuster Bigg Boss

The luxury budget task this week finally brought out some laughs and talent this week. There were no more grueling tasks and physically straining activities like last week, which put most contestants at loggerheads. This week, the Bigg Boss housemates produced, directed and acted out a film script. From fun performances by Geeta to Tanish's acting skills and Deepthi Sunaina and Samrat's Ringa Ringa, the house lit up with laughter with many humourous situations as well, thanks to Kaushla and Nandini's onscreen pairing in the task.

Lakshmi Manchu in the house

While Anchor Pradeep surprised housemates earlier this week, Lakshmi Manchu took over during the weekend for promotions of her latest release W/O Ram. Pradeep's stint in the house was eventually believed to be a wild card, until the anchor revealed all about his upcoming show on Star Maa. And not just that, Pradeep — always known for holding the audience's connection with his humour — had some interesting messages for all the contestants. And many of the housemates including Geeta to Samrat and Amit among others faced a teary moment with Pradeep's gesture.

Post which the weekend turned out to be all fun and frolic with Lakshmi blending with all the housemates and bringing out their best. And Nani establishing his usualy witty and fun rapport with the contestants after a fun round of imitation and tete-a-tete with Lakshmi.

Shocking exit and a broken heart

After all the giggles and movie reviews, it was time for yet another emotional exit. Tejaswi with her'Love me, hate me but you definitely cannot ignore me' attitude had left quite a mark on most contestants and the announcement of her eviction came nothing less than a shock to not only her close pals but most housemates including Geeta. While Nani handed over the job of bringing out the evicted to Lakshmi, the week's elimination has definitely left most fans sobbing over Samrat and Tejaswi. The Bigg Boss couple seen as the inseparables are now one down with a very emotional Samrat getting protected instead of Tejaswi.

And on that note, while Nani did not insist on any Pita Kadha this week for Tejaswi's elimination, he sure did take a stance on social media's abusive trolling. The actor lashed out and expressed his disappointment in fans' misuse of language in the case of Tejaswi and a few other contestants.

The big fat Telugu Bigg Boss family is now one firecracker of a member down and with nominations boiling down to very few and the strongest of the lot left, all eyes are now on week seven's very crucial nominations.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2018 12:41:40 IST