Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa insists her marriage is real, closeness to Manu misunderstood

After her eviction from Colors Tv's Bigg Boss 10, Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa aka Antara Biswas spoke to Firstpost about her televised marriage, closeness to Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar, and more

Seema Sinha January 22, 2017 10:51:37 IST
Bigg Boss 10: Mona Lisa insists her marriage is real, closeness to Manu misunderstood

Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa aka Antara Basu, who got married to beau Vikrant Singh Rajpoot a few days ago in an extravagant ceremony in the Bigg Boss house, bid adieu to the controversial reality show on Saturday (21 January).

Being one of the most sensitive and vulnerable contestants, Mona would easily break into tears in stressful situations. But her wedding to Vikrant supplanted that to become the talking point of this season.

“Vikrant and I have been together for eight years and we have been planning to settle down but it couldn’t have got better than this,” says Mona, who gets a bit irked when told that people wondered whether their marriage was real or staged for TRPs.

Incidentally, even Karan Johar had joked on the Bigg Boss 10 ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode aired on Saturday night that if he was to sign Mona for Dharma Productions, then her contract would last longer than her marriage in the Bigg Boss house. “My marriage to Vikrant is definitely not fake and I don’t like if people say this about a pavitra rishta (sacred institution),” says Mona, who showed Karan her funny side and responded with, “If he (Karan Johar) has said that, then I am happy, because it means the deal will last for years and years. My marriage is going to be long-lasting.”

Bigg Boss 10 Mona Lisa insists her marriage is real closeness to Manu misunderstood

Mona Lisa has been evicted a week before Bigg Boss 10 heads into its season finale

There were also rumours that the makers of Bigg Boss 10 paid a hefty amount to both Mona and Vikrant to marry on national television, but Mona put those rumours to rest saying, “It’s sad that people think like that. It’s the best day of my life, why should I take money for that? People making fun (of my marriage) like this is not nice. Vikrant and I were planning to get married anyway. He decided everything in consultation with my parents and I am very happy to have got married on TV, with the whole country witnessing it.”

Unlike few other contestants, Mona would keep her calm and steered clear of fights, squabbles and arguments as much as possible, but she raised eyebrows with her closeness to co-contestant Manu Punjabi. She even nominated herself twice in order to save him. Not only her fellow housemates, but also Vikrant denounced her friendship with Manu. This left Mona in a dilemma and she wanted to leave the house to clear all the misunderstandings. But Mona’s life took a surprising turn after her beau entered the Bigg Boss house, proposed to her on national television and they tied the knot on TV. While Mona began a new chapter of life with her marriage with Vikrant, her Bigg Boss chapter came to an end, with her eviction.

Broaching the subject of her beau suspecting her loyalty, Mona wondered over the reason for Vikrant’s insecurity due to her friendship with Manu. Vikrant expressed it when he came for the ‘Salman Ki Sabha’ segment in one of the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episodes. Vikrant, who had come along with Manu's fiancee Priya, spoke about his dislike for the bonding between Mona and Manu. He said that though he likes the friendship the trio (Mona, Manu and Manveer Gurjar) share in the house, the fact that Mona is too cosy with Manu bothers him. He also held Mona responsible for the same which had upset Mona when she watched the entire clipping later.

“I still don’t understand why Vikrant lost faith in me. Now he tells me that when I watch the show I will understand. I really felt very bad when I learnt that he suspected me; I didn’t like the way he spoke about me on the show. I am an actress and I often go outdoors for my shoots where I have to do romantic scenes with my heroes, or do certain song and dance sequences which can be a bit titillating but he has never objected to anything so far. So I wonder why he felt this way,” says Mona, further adding, “And there was no question about Manu and me even being attracted to each other, forget about having a relationship, as we were sorted from day one. Both of us knew that we were engaged and were in strong relationships.”

Much earlier, when the show took off, Mona, who had entered the Bigg Boss house as a celebrity, struck a chord with 'commoners' Manu and Manveer Gurjar as she was ‘cold shouldered’ by the celebrity contestants like Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev, Bani J, Karan Mehra and Rohan Mehra. Soon the 3Ms (Manu-Mona-Manveer) came across as a strong trio. “In the beginning it was quite tough for me, I felt I couldn’t survive. I was often sent to jail by the celebrities, who were my own team members and I couldn’t gel with them. I would cry a lot as I missed my family and friends with absolutely no mode of communication. But there came a twist when I developed a good bond with Manu and Manveer and it became much easy for me to survive in the house," says Mona.

She adds, "I have never had any issue with anyone except for Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga. I have had major fights with Priyanka, she would often make me the target and it was so difficult to talk to her. I never liked Swami Om. He would come and touch my feet and evoke a kind of paternal feeling while calling me his daughter, then obviously you develop some kind of feeling for that person. But things may have got misconstrued because we don’t know how much of it is shown during the telecast. Otherwise I have just had normal ups and downs with others."

Since Mona didn't show much passion towards the game and took it easy, it was felt that she won’t last for more than a week and will soon get eliminated, but surprisingly her eviction happened in the 14th week, just one week ahead of finale. It is felt that Mona was saved mainly because of the support of her two solid friends, Manu and Manveer. Dismissing this theory, Mona says, “I don’t think support matters. When you are inside the house, you don’t know how contestant are being perceived outside. I didn’t become friends with Manu and Manveer because they were perceived as strong contestants. And then even they were being nominated. I became friends with them purely because I felt comfortable in their company. And I lasted probably because of my fans. At times, when I nominated myself in tasks, I knew that my fans won’t like it, they will feel let down, but I wanted them to understand my feeling, my predicament.”

Further, talking about Bani and Gaurav gossiping about her and Manveer’s closeness one night, Mona says, “Bani and I had discussed our relationships and I know how serious she is about hers, but I never indulged in gossip when she got over friendly with certain people in the house. Wonder why she had to comment about Manveer and me.” Talking about the two strong female contenders – Bani and Lopa, Mona says that both were strong-headed, self-centered beautiful women. “But till date I couldn’t understand the reason for their conflict. And I never tried to understand that as well because as it is I was struggling to survive, for me every minute was like an hour in the Bigg Boss house.”

Ask her who she thinks will win this season, and Mona says with a smile, “Given an option I would have chosen myself as the winner. But this time you can’t really say who will win the show because all of them are playing so well and then every week there are ups and downs. All five of them have many followers. And now, with my eviction it will get still better for the remaining contestants. But I would like to see either Manu or Manveer as the winner of the show and I am going to pray for them.”

Interestingly, not a single contestant shed tears during Mona’s eviction and the reason was simple. The show host and superstar Salman Khan while announcing her eviction said, that after marriage, Mona should go to her own home rather than stay in the Bigg Boss house. “Nobody cried, there was no rona dhona, everybody was happy for me when I left. Even I have not cried,” laughed Mona, who will start completing her pending Bhojpuri films. She is also keen on doing both Bollywood and television. “If the role is satisfactory enough then I am open to every medium. I would also want to do Bengali films. Let’s see what offers I get. I am keeping my fingers crossed,” she concludes.

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