Bigg Boss 10, Episode 95, 19th January 2016: Manveer wins toughest task yet

Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 contestants are now just one week away from the finale and they have to face the most difficult task of the season.

Seema Sinha January 20, 2017 00:31:52 IST
Bigg Boss 10, Episode 95, 19th January 2016: Manveer wins toughest task yet

Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 contestants are now just one week away from the finale and they have to face the most difficult task of the season. After two days of wedding celebrations, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Chale Chalo’ all pumped up to undertake new challenges. Vikrant tells Mona to show everybody her ring so as to remind them that now she was married. Soon after, Bigg Boss calls Mona and Vikrant in the confession room and tells them that it’s time for Vikrant to take everyone’s leave and make an exit from the house. Mona gets teary-eyed and with a heavy heart bids goodbye to her husband. Upon Vikrant’s exit, the contestants go back to their normal selves and arguments and bickering once again takes precedence over everything else.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 95 19th January 2016 Manveer wins toughest task yet

Manveer performs the Bungee Cord task on Bigg Boss 10

Manu finds Mona’s behaviour towards him very strange and confronts her about it.  Mona tells him that matters related to their friendship are being glorified and blown out proportion outside the house and it has been bothering her. She adds that after her marriage, she can’t afford to make any wrong move or take any wrong decision that will have a ripple effect on their lives. Manu tells Mona that Vikrant was an insecure man and also says that now his (Manu's) fiancée Piku must be relieved. Manu further confides in Manveer and tells him that it’s Vikrant who has manipulated Mona and put random thoughts into her head. Mona tells her co-contestants that she was feeling a bit different post-marriage. She says she's feeling more responsible and is finding it weird to dance and wear western clothes. Bani feels strange about Mona’s disclosure.

In the morning, Manveer informs everyone that the washroom is littered with toilet paper and that someone needs to clean it. Manu says that it's Lopa who creates the maximum mess in the washroom and is now turning a deaf ear to all their comments as she only cares about doing her makeup. Bani also joins the discussion and says that Lopa’s friendship with Manu and Manveer is one of sheer convenience.

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces another challenging task that will give the contestants an extra edge to save themselves from the upcoming nominations. The housemates are divided into two teams: Team Manu consisting of Manveer, Lopa, Manu; and Team Rohan, comprising Mona, Bani, Rohan. On the first day of the task, Manu, Manveer and Lopa are tied to a bungee cord and are asked to put their hands on a red circle placed at a distance in the garden area. The trio has to stretch the cord and take a position next to the red mark with their hands firmly placed on it at all times. They have to make sure that the majority of their team members survive in the said position for the longest time and if they are able to do so, they get a special power to save themselves from the next nominations. Team Bani has to displace Team Manu from the red mark. Lopa, Manveer and Manu, who expect bad things from Bani, gear up for the task and take their positions near the red mark. As the task commencement buzzer rings, Bani and Rohan start irritating Team Manu. They try to distract them by every possible way, like putting cold water, oil, spices, curd, sawdust and ice cubes on them that give them. Bani is seen attacking Lopa the most by pouring cold, freezing water on her all the time and the latter keeps retaliating aggressively. They both have a verbal spat that has absolutely no effect on Bani who keeps reiterating that she was merely performing the task and they shouldn’t be feeling bad. She continues to perform the task with great enthusiasm and irritates all three of them to ensure that they drop out soon. At one instance, while Bani is putting curd on Lopa, she brushes against Manu as a result of which Manu’s hand gets displaced from the red mark. Manu gets upset with Lopa over this and says that he got distracted or else he could have continued the task all through night.

While Manu loses out on his chance in the game, Lopa and Manveer tirelessly work towards winning the task and withstand all the attacks. Bani and Rohan then get vegetable oil and pour it on them. Manu decides to stand there anyway to be a part of the game. Lopa keeps pushing the can of oil from Bani’s hand but she still keeps doing it. She even puts curd on Lopa’s head and dress. They even break eggs on Lopa and Manveer’s helmet along with whipped cream. Lopa accidentally lifts her hand which means she is out of the game but she shows her stubborn behaviour and refuses to budge until Bigg Boss asks her to leave. Earlier, Bani, too tells Lopa that she should accept defeat and leave the game. Lopa loses her cool with Rohan and Bani and she tries protecting Manveer despite him asking her to leave. But Manveer, who is seen shivering, relentlessly fights the ‘battle’ even as Bani and Rohan continue to ‘torture’ him for many more hours in every possible way.

Meanwhile, arguments between Lopa and Bani continue and the former tries to snatch the rule book from Bani so that she stops blowing air on Manveer. Manu takes the sheet of paper from her and lets her keep the file. Lopa discusses how disappointed she is with Rohan’s behaviour. Manu motivates Manveer to stay strong and the latter does the task with a smile. Manu starts crying looking at his best friend’s state. But he still motivates Manveer to keep going on. Lopa, on the other hand, asks him to leave and not go through all of this as Rohan keeps pouring water on him. Manu and Manveer start singing to distract themselves. Manu taunts Rohan for being so ruthless and merciless. He also warns them that when they are tied to a bungee cord then he will be the one torturing them. However, Rohan takes it sportingly and tells Manu that he can too get ruthless with them. Rohan also says that he wasn’t enjoying torturing Manu, Lopa or Manveer but he has to do his task well. Just then, Bigg Boss announces that task is over for the day and all contestants congratulate and gather to help Manveer who managed to hang on till the end.

Expecting worse from their opposition, Bani and Rohan begin to strategise. They decide to hide ice and all the oil cans in the house. Manu has made up his mind to seek revenge on Rohan and Bani after what they did to Manveer and wants to use stuff like red chillies and toothpaste...while Lopa says that she will break eggs on their face. Manu and Manveer tease Mona before going to bed about how their interpersonal relationships seem to have changed after her (Mona’s) marriage. They tease her about Vikrant and her 'friends' from the Bhojpuri film industry who came for the wedding, but Mona doesn’t take it in the right spirit and goes off to sleep while Manu and Manveer guffaw over their jokes. And it will be interesting to see who among Bani, Rohan and Mona emerges victorious and survives in the 'Bungee Cord' task in the episode which will be aired on Friday night.

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