Avengers: Endgame — Tony Stark's impending lonely death in space stirs fan reactions on Twitter

FP Staff

Dec 08, 2018 15:47:46 IST

Avengers: Endgame trailer certainly consolidated one fact — mostly all the Marvel Cinematic Universe's superheroes are in an unfortunate soup. Thor, The Hulk, Captain America— are all seen shattered, almost traumatised after Thanos' destruction. But what most Marvel nerds are finding impossible to digest is the scene where Iron Man is stuck in space for unknown number of days with the food supplies and oxygen about to get over in the next few hours.

As Robert Downey Jr said "Part of the journey is the end", most viewers were sure to have a lump in their throats.

Twitter expressed their concern over Iron Man's hopeless fate.




After that trailer, I think all of twitter is emotionally drained and confused. Well, we’re always like that, aren’t we? Today, Marvel really said f*ck Tony lives, and left us shaking in our gauntlets. There truly is nothing left to say. xoxo Gossip Girl pic.twitter.com/3IP16wpGu8 — (@MCUGossipGirl) December 7, 2018

Updated Date: Dec 08, 2018 15:47:46 IST