Avengers: Endgame — Title of Infinity War successor was hinted at several times by Russo Brothers

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Dec 08, 2018 12:09:46 IST

After months (that felt like eons) of waiting, the highly anticipated trailer and title of the upcoming instalment of Avengers franchise was finally revealed on Friday. The successor to Avengers: Infinity War has been entitled Endgame and has put to rest to the rabid speculations that have been doing the rounds since the release of the penultimate film in the franchise.

The final film in the Marvel franchise has been titled Avengers: Endgame

The final film in the Marvel franchise has been titled Avengers: Endgame

However, the Russo Brothers may have dropped a massive hint a few months ago when they posted a seemingly innocuous black and white image of a man sitting against a ladder.

Several users decoded the encrypted message that the Russo brothers asked Marvel fans to 'look hard' for and concluded that the name of the next film would be Endgame.

Interestingly, the phrase "end game" was used a number of times in the films. Iron Man calls Thanos the “end game” during Avengers: Age of Ultron, and in Infinity War, Doctor Strange used the phrase "end game" in a conversation with Iron Man after giving Thanos the Time Stone.

Fans took to Twitter and expressed their reaction on the title, which to some did not conjure up from thin air, after all.

Before the big reveal hinted at in September, there have been a number of red herrings for the title of the final act. In June, a Reddit user, who claimed  to be the brother of a lighting engineer working at the international cinema industry expo, believed that the title would be with the begin with initial F and end with H.  Soon, fellow Redditors began the guessing game with entries like Fallen Heroes, Forever Heroes, Fail Hydra, Final Hour, Future Heist and For Honour among others.

A month later, Omega Underground noticed a curious update in the resume of cinematographer Trent Opaloch on his website. The Canadian cinematographer, who worked with the Russos on Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Infinity War, listed Avengers: End Game as one of his credits, which left fans in a frenzy.

Avengers: Endgame is slated to hit the screens in India on 26 April, 2019.

Updated Date: Dec 08, 2018 12:09:46 IST