Avengers: Endgame — Marvel Studios VFX supervisor explains making of final battle scene against Thanos

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Aug 27, 2019 13:51:00 IST

The final battle in Avengers: Endgame was one of the grandest and most iconic action scenes in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). All superheroes joined forces against the Mad Titan, Thanos. Marvel Studios VFX supervisor Dan DeLeeuw, in a video, explains how the sequence was created.

All actors playing the superheroes, the ones living and those presumed dead after Avengers: Infinity War, were assembled on set. DeLeewuw says that depending on the superhero, the team would determine whether computer-generated imagery (CGI) was required or not . About showcasing the portals, he said that the setting and each location on the other side of the portal was created using CGI.

 Avengers: Endgame — Marvel Studios VFX supervisor explains making of final battle scene against Thanos

The final battle from Avengers: Endgame

"We just didn't want to make it feel like they were coming from this flat space where you see the portal. You wanted it to feel like it's a dimensional space. With Marvel, it is a shared universe, everything is online, everything is in the archives. So if you need to go back and get Contraxia, you just go back and get Contraxia," DeLeeuw says in the video.

When Captain America calls for the superheroes to charge at Thanos, it seems like they will be facing off with a large alien army. However, during the making of the scene, there were just six actors in motion capture suits. Once again, the overall sequence was constructed using CG. He explains that sometimes the raw footage of a scene can be "oddly crude."

DeLeew also speaks about the scene featuring all female superheroes from MCU. He says that all actresses were on the set during two-three weeks of filming, but some effects were added post-production (Pepper's armour suit and Valkyrie's Pegasus).

Avengers: Endgame became one of the highest grossing films by Marvel Studios, even toppling the record set by James Cameron's Avatar.

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Updated Date: Aug 27, 2019 13:51:00 IST