Avengers: End Game — After giving Infinity War a miss, Jeremy Renner returns, but probably not as Hawkeye

FP Staff

Dec 08, 2018 16:42:19 IST

After giving Avengers: Infinity War a miss, Hawkeye aka Clint Barton is back again in the teaser of the final film in the Avengers franchise, Endgame, which has sent Twitterati into a frenzy.

Along with the conspicuous absence of Captain Marvel from the teaser, fans also noticed Jeremy Renner's new look, which many touted to be signifying Hawkeye's death and introduction of Ronin, a lone samurai and an alias used by multiple characters in the Marvel comics (including by Barton).

After half the universe turned into dust with a click of Thanos's finger, fans sure are expecting Hawkeye to be the harbringer of order and restoration the the chaotic Marvel world. (both for the sake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the audience).

Some regarded Jeremy Renner's return as the best part about the trailer.

Comedian Sahil Shah also expressed his excitement at realising that Hawkeye had somehow survived and was now back.

Updated Date: Dec 08, 2018 16:47:13 IST