Amy Pascal in talks with Sony for Spider-Man spin-off movie based on Korean-American superhero Cindy Moon

FP Staff

June 23, 2018 13:09:27 IST

The Marvel comic Silk, about the Korean-American superhero Cindy Moon, is poised to have its own movie adaptation, according to a report by Variety. The report states that Sony Pictures and producer Amy Pascal are in early development on a movie adaptation of Silk.

In the comics created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, Cindy is a student in Peter Parker’s class who also is bitten by a radioactive spider around the same time as Peter. She gains abilities similar to his, though she is able to shoot webs out of her fingertips, possesses an eidetic memory, and has advanced Spider-Sense far stronger than Peter’s. She has less superhuman strength than him, but is faster.

Cindy Moon in the comics and Tiffany Espensen/Image from Twitter.

Cindy Moon in the comics and Tiffany Espensen/Image from Twitter.

If the plans for a movie goes through, it'll be the first stand-alone Cindy Moon project, but it'll not be her first appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as she was seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming (played by Tiffany Espensen) as a member of the decathlon team. Espensen also reprises her role in Avengers: Infinity War, when Cindy is shown on the bus with Peter as he plants a distraction in order to get into costume.

Further details about the project are being kept under wraps, reports Variety.

If the project comes through, it'll be another push for diversity and inclusion on screen. Amy Pascal is known for championing strong female-led movies. Pascal has a number of upcoming movies like spin-offs Venom and Silver & Black, and The Girl in the Spider’s Web starring Claire Foy, and the live-action Barbie movie.

Updated Date: Jun 23, 2018 13:09 PM