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Believe in the brighter side, says Muthoot Pappachan Group's latest ad

It's a cloudy day in an al fresco restaurant; a man is enjoying a meal with his sons. Suddenly, the wind blows, scarves fly, thunder and lightning crack across the skies and mild drizzle precedes a downpour.

No sooner one of the boys is about to enjoy the beauty of the rain than his father whisks both children away inside. The boy is torn, but has no say. Just as they're about to enter the restaurant, they cross another man with his two sons heading out to enjoy the downpour; the man who was seated outside is now looking at the trio playing the rain.

 Believe in the brighter side, says Muthoot Pappachan Groups latest ad

A still from the commercial

"Belief has two sides. We believe in the brighter side," says the voiceover. And thus is established Muthoot Group's proposition, 'Believe in Blue'. The brand has is set to launch its first ever TV-led corporate campaign, created by Taproot India.

Speaking about the campaign, Thomas George Muthoot, Director, Muthoot Pappachan Group, said, "Over the last 127 years, the Muthoot Pappachan Group has grown from a small business to a large conglomerate. And what has brought us here is trust. We owe our success to the customers who have consistently believed in our services and efforts. The campaign builds beautifully on this trust, by showing the different sides of it. It also effectively differentiates us from competition."

The TVC tells viewers that trust and believing entails a give-and-take relationship; it is what what forms the Muthoot Group's core philosophy. Through this ad, the brand wishes to reinforce customer trust and build a distinct identity of its own.

Firstbiz caught up with Agnello Dias, Chairman and CEO, Taproot India to know more about the campaign.

Speaking about how the campaign evolved, Dias said, "The brief evolved out of several conversations we had with the top management at the Group. One of the striking aspects of those dialogues was the amount of faith they placed in people - employees, clients, customers and even prospective associates. Therefore, the idea around 'Belief' which is a slightly stronger articulation of Trust, came to be."

Dias further elaborated on Muthoot's conviction 'Belief has two sides'. "We live in turbulent times. The vast amount of messages we are bombarded with everyday pushes us into seeking the glass half empty rather than the glass half full. Positivity is at a premium and from all our interactions it is one thing that the Muthoot Pappachan Group has in abundance," he said.

"All natural phenomena are both uplifting and inspirational and can be seen as destructive and frightening if one only looks at the negative side. Water is one, wind is another and if humanity always looked at the negative side of life, man would have never invented fire or sailed the seas," he adds, about equating rain with the trust factor.

What were the challenges Taproot faced to create powerful communication straddling the entire conglomerate?

Dias says that the temptation to roll out catalogue-based communication is very high when trying to crack an idea on behalf of a group with vast and varied interests across sectors. "The client agreed with us when we said that putting one bold reason as to why they were active in specific areas and what drives them would be a more powerful message. Therefore, it was a single core philosophy that is both internalised by the Group as well as externalised."

The commercial will hit TV news channels tonight (March 31, 2014).

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Updated Date: Mar 31, 2014 17:51:25 IST