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Telling BR Ambedkar's story is difficult; for Bahujan filmmaker Jyoti Nisha, it has proven to be even more so

It is hard to tell Ambedkar’s story. Ironically, it is harder to tell his story if you are Dalit or Bahujan.


What's caste got to do with it: Being a Dalit writer and responding to Savarna criticism

Because our bodies are full of caste, and caste memories that have to be purged before we can move on to writing about other things, very few Dalit, OBC writers get to write about what they really want to write about: films, books, sex, technology, dating etc.


For Rohith Vemula, who wanted to learn, but ended up taking his own life; and for Savarnas who are too good to learn

Those clueless about caste will never know why scores of DBA students never make it to the finish line in higher education, and why Rohith Vemula took his own life three years ago.


'Marenge toh manch pe marenge': Experiencing love and finding answers in Maltirao Baudh's songs

Watching Maltirao Baudh perform on stage is an experience in love. If Hannah Gadsby makes comedy confront anger, Maltirao makes anger confront love.


In her words, and mine: Getting to know Ants Among Elephants' award-winning author Sujatha Gidla

'It is liberating to hear a Dalit writer take pride in her work. It is even more liberating to hear her laugh at detractors,' writes Vijeta Kumar in her profile of Sujatha Gidla. Gidla recently won the Shakti Bhatt First Book Prize for Ants Among Elephants.


Jack, what the hack: The absurd outrage of Brahmins against Twitter CEO

On Sunday, a picture of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey posing with a placard reading 'Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy’ went viral.


Wild Hair and Mad Dalit Women

I had just been looking in all the wrong place for answers but as it turns out — Dalit women have always had answers to these questions. Women with loud and vulgar laughter who, like their hair, are mad and untameable — always do.