articles by Syed Ata Hasnain


Why Kashmir’s security situation caused by proxy terrorism reflects Pakistan’s desperation

There is nothing in the situation that India has not faced before and overcome with resolve and Pakistan’s desperation will soon convert into more frustration


India conveyed its concerns in US on Afghanistan, Pakistan, China with finesse, balance

For PM Modi this was one of his visits with probably the greatest security-related concerns in mind but the discussions appeared to veer towards non-traditional security threats which too were on the agenda


Permanent Commission for women officers fair; with army's selection standard, equal command structure is viable

There is much debate on social media and opinion within the Army is divided. Many like me have had women officers serving under us in the most challenging circumstances in Kashmir and elsewhere and vouch for their professional capability and dedication. There are challenges galore awaiting them.


Article 370 revoked: Better governance, security crucial for success as Modi govt's new plan takes effect on ground

Though the immediate concerns of the Centre's decision to revoke Article 370 and bifurcate Jammu and Kashmir are political and based on security, subsequently, the effects of governance and administrative changes will draw more focus


This can be a make or break moment in Jammu and Kashmir, but hardly the time to cut back Indian Army deployment

There is no reason to disbelieve data presented to Parliament because manifestation on the ground also points to an improving situation in Jammu and Kashmir.


Disability pension tax: Rather than vilifying soldiers, Defence Ministry should work with forces to prevent dishonest claims

Rather than ordering a blanket change of rules on disability pension tax, the Ministry of Defence should work with the armed forces to institute a foolproof and verifiable system for disability claims


Holding military commanders alone responsible for setbacks in hybrid conflict doesn't absolve State of its role

Hybrid conflict is far more complex and the involvement of the state besides the military is extensive making responsibility a collective affair more than ever before.


India's foreign policy for the next 5 years: Imran Khan's offer for talks needs profound backing from China, Russia for serious consideration

The SCO summit probably provides India with an opportunity to assess how far China and Russia are willing to go in influencing Pakistan’s behaviour towards a more enduring engagement with India.


Armed forces welcome Rajnath Singh as defence minister; experience from CCS, internal security likely to aid him in new job

The cheer so evident in military circles on Rajnath's appointment as defence minister has two aspects as its basis, the first of which relates to the allegation that the armed forces were perceivably ill-treated under the previous NDA government


Narendra Modi's conundrum on Pakistan policy: Hasty response to peace overtures may upset voters, but long-term solution lies in early intervention

There are the recent measures within Pakistan to curb activities of the India focused terror groups in Pakistan, the already stabilizing situation in Jammu and Kashmir in a season in which terrorist infiltration seems to have been placed on the back burner


Zakir Musa killing affords establishment opportunity to reach disaffected J&K youth as security forces press advantage

While it is good that Zakir Musa has finally been neutralised, what's more important is the ‘what next?’ aspect inevitably thrown up after the neutralisation of a high-profile terrorist.


Armed Forces Special Forces Division: A good beginning to make but according higher status in future key for better efficiency

There a certain number of SF units of different US Armed Forces (Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force) are placed under a central organisation for joint tasking at the central strategic level.


US-Iran military dispute easy to initiate, but difficult to control; conflict will push West Asia into chaos, create global energy crisis

The only thing predictable in a possible US-Iran military confrontation is the effect it would have on the rest of the world as the conflict could send national economies into a tizzy


J&K: Quiet summer may be precursor to stable future as India upped retaliatory benchmark with Balakot strike

By comparison, Jammu and Kashmir is currently undergoing relative stability after a fairly tumultuous situation during late winter and early spring. Experience from the past reveals that traditionally when the durbar returns to Srinagar in May, it is the time when the race for infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir into the Kashmir Valley picks up momentum.


China's endorsement of Masood Azhar as international terrorist will be India's victory, but won't curb Pakistan

Masood Azhar was responsible for the suicide attack at Pulwama that left 40 members of Indian CRPF personnel dead on 14 February, sparking off a series of events that almost brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war


Demand for new caste-, faith- or ethnicity-based regiments for Indian Army not in consonance with policy or national interest

Election time is usually an occasion to make attempts to garner an advantage by raising issues with narrow connotations of regionalism, ethnicity, faith, caste or linguistic divisions


Suspension of LoC trade was long in the offing, but govt must find ways to ease stressed J&K economy

Eleven years later, on 18 April 2019, the Government of India decided to suspend the trans-LoC trade with immediate effect on grounds of its severe misuse. The background to the earlier decision on trade and the developments in the intervening period between 2008 and 2019 will explain why the Government of India took this decision.


Siachen Glacier: 35 years on, vacating region will cost over 5,000 lives to regain partial control and provide Pakistan edge

It was a question of taking the first step with huge risk to occupy a glaciated wasteland which many continue to the day to call a monumental waste of resources and precious human lives.


Congress Manifesto 2019: Party covers bases in J&K, but misses trick by overlooking plight of Kashmiri Pandits

All eyes would now be peeled for the BJP manifesto, which will probably be released early next week


Killing of Atif Mir: It's time security forces sensitised locals in Kashmir against cooperation with foreign terrorists

Those who claim that North Kashmir has changed for the better in comparison to the South which has become increasingly turbulent over the last couple of years, should think again. The killing of young Atif Mir, who was all of 12-years-old by a Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist after being held hostage while an operation of the security forces was underway, reflects how little has changed in this lawless area in the last few years