articles by Shuma Raha


Demonetisation has prepared India for war-like situation: If you are not bleeding, you are fake

Thanks to demonetisation lining up for food rations during wartime would be a breeze


Death of cultural bonhomie: Is condemning Pakistani artistes an apt response to terrorism?

Lata Mangeshkar or Ghulam Ali, Shah Rukh or Fawad Khan — they are the bridge that draws India and Pakistan close, even as the conflict over terrorism and Kashmir tears us apart. But we may be far from it right now.


Irom Sharmila and the Manipur malaise: We impose unreasonable ideals on our women leaders

On 9 August Irom Sharmila ended her 16-year fast against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). And at once, the conversation around her changed in Manipur.


Menstrual leave: Women-friendly or new spin on old practice of shunning women?

asto Deal, an online shopping portal in Nepal, recently introduced a menstrual leave policy for female employees who face debilitating period pains every month. Is period leave a wondrous example of new-age, gender-sensitive HR practice?