articles by Shubha Singh


Narendra Modi in Indonesia: PM looks to revive old friendship with focus on trade, maritime security

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-day official visit to Indonesia aims to revive the old warmth in the relationship that the two countries enjoyed for a long time with a focus on maritime ties and economic relations.


Sheikh Hasina in India: Bangladesh PM likely to bring up Rohingya crisis, Teesta water sharing with Narendra Modi

Sheikh Hasina is expected to arrive in Kolkata on 25 May for a two-day visit that will lay emphasis on the close cultural ties between the two countries, but her visit is also likely to lead to more substantive talks between the two leaders.


India-Mongolia ties on upswing: Sushma Swaraj’s visit takes forward outreach that began with Narendra Modi's tour in 2015

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s visit to Mongolia from 25-26 April takes forward the outreach that began with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tour to Mongolia in 2015.


Act East policy: India seeks deepening ties with Myanmar as Narendra Modi embarks on first State visit in September

Modi’s visit has special significance as Myanmar is considered a key pillar in India’s Act East policy for greater integration with South East Asia.


E-postal ballots: Proxy voting for NRIs a right step, but preventing manipulation will be difficult

The government of India has approved a proposal allowing NRIs to vote for their preferred candidates via e-postal ballots without requiring them to be physically present in their constituencies on polling day


Narendra Modi's Israel tour: New Delhi has shed its hesitation in acknowledging deepening ties with Jerusalem

Narendra Modi's visit to Israel will be high on symbolism, seeking to take the ties beyond the traditional emphasis on defence and security.


Presidential Election 2017: Sushma Swaraj's criticism of Meira Kumar is a reminder of 2007 polls

The external affairs minister is known to be social media savvy and was recently lauded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for her effective use of social media to help Indians abroad during times of distress


Britain defeated in UN vote on Chagos archipelago: Islanders 'decolonisation' bid gains momentum

Mauritius and the Chagos Islanders have won a major victory at the United Nations in one of the last remaining issues related to decolonisation.


Narendra Modi in the US: No gala events planned, PM's fifth visit likely to be all business

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US is likely to be a business-like visit. It will not include a gala diaspora event of the sort that has been a regular feature of Modi’s visits to foreign countries


Nepal PM Sher Bahadur Deuba's task to complete elections becomes difficult with RJP's boycott call

Nepal’s newly elected Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba began his fourth term as prime minister on 7 June on a positive note after a smooth transition from the previous Maoist-led government of Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda.


Narendra Modi meets Vladimir Putin: Retracing 70 years of India-Russia diplomatic relations

India and Russia marked 70 years of diplomatic relations with a successful summit, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian president Vladimir Putin.


Iran Presidential Election 2017: Hassan Rouhani will need a high turnout of voters to be re-elected

As Iran goes to the polls for the presidential election, President Hassan Rouhani would require a high turnout of voters to be re-elected.


China to hold grand Belt and Road Forum meet next week: Will India skip biggest diplomatic event of the year?

China’s Belt and Road Forum, the meeting to flag off its 'One Belt, One Road' proposal, titled 'Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation' on 14 May in Beijing is billed as the biggest diplomatic event of the year


Attack on African nationals: Terming racist assaults as 'petty crimes' can do more harm than good

Treating the assaults on Africans as “actions of a few criminals” is unlikely to assuage the African community at a time when the government has undertaken a major programme to reach out to African countries following the India-Africa Forum Summit in 2015.


Jacob Zuma's sacking of Pravin Gordhan, other ministers augurs poorly for South Africa's future

South African president Jacob Zuma’s sacking of his well-respected Indian-origin finance minister Pravin Gordhan and other Cabinet ministers sets the stage for party elections later this year


Turkey-Netherlands row: As anti-immigrant sentiment rises, spat shows hazards of courting diaspora

Most countries with a large diaspora actively woo their overseas communities, but the diplomatic spat between Netherlands and Turkey has shown up the hazards of aggressively courting the diaspora.


IORA summit: Can the meet turn a low-profile group into dynamic regional organisation?

The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) is holding its first summit meeting in Jakarta on 5-7 March on the 20th anniversary of its formation.


Indians enslaved: Remembering a pernicious history of organised labour through cultural events

About a hundred years ago in March 1917, a pernicious system of organised labour came to an end. The indenture system under which Indian men, women and children were contracted to work as agricultural labour in distant colonies was abolished in 1917 after a long agitation in India. The Indian indenture system was the largest organized migration of its time. From 1835 to 1917, over a million Indians were taken to British, French and Dutch colonies and put to work.


Narendra Modi should tighten leash on Manohar Parrikar for his, India's interests

For defence minister Manohar Parrikar to talk loosely about India’s nuclear prowess at a time when the PM was en route Japan is unconscionable


NSG membership: Not just China, India must work on convincing other countries with reservations

India needs to change tack in its quest for membership of the Nuclear Supplier’s Group (NSG). Apart from concentrating on China, which had blocked its entry earlier this year, it also needs to focus on the half a dozen or more countries that had reservations over the admission process.