articles by Shiv Ramdas


How to understand the chronology® and be a Patriotic Protester™

Here’s an easy-to-use, Do-It-Yourself FAQ on how to be a Patriotic Protester™


Florida school shooting: Let's shut our eyes to all the violence and continue believing that guns don't kill people

Three in five. That's the chance of a school shooting on any given day in 2018 so far in the US.


Being Bhai: How Salman Khan deals with suicidal blackbucks, homicidal Range Rovers

It’s not easy being Bhai. Not by a long shot. Even if, like Bhai, you’re really good at long shots, as certain not-so-recently deceased deer might tell you. Or would, if they hadn’t been shot, except they probably still wouldn’t tell you because a) you don’t speak deer and b) the case has dragged on so long they’d probably be dead by now from old age anyway.


Saif, Kareena betrayed the nation's trust with 'Taimur': Or what Twitter would like you to believe

What's in a name, asked Shakespeare. As Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi will no doubt one day tell you, a lot Willie.