articles by Satya Dosapati


The Kashmir Files movie review: A remarkable film that brings out gory truth about Hindu genocide in the Valley

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has done what India has failed to do for 31 years — to show the real face of Kashmiri Hindu genocide


‘The Conversion’: How a new film on ‘love jihad’ touches raw nerves and shakes one’s conscience

There is nothing wrong if two adults consent and marry, but there is everything wrong if deceit and fake love is used to convert a woman


Christian conversion mafia has never been so active in Tamil Nadu. Here’s the reason why

Not only temples, but the Stalin government is also going after temple gold and funds to build so-called secular institutions


How PM security breach in Punjab indicates serious dangers nation faces from ‘break India’ forces

Punjab today has become a boiling pot of Khalistanis, Christian missionaries, Pakistani terror handlers and globalists


How BJP’s ‘stuck-in-old’ type electioneering may cost Yogi Adityanath dearly in Uttar Pradesh polls

Yogi Adityanath has done well as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and it is a matter of shame if the BJP cannot capitalise on that