articles by Sarakshi Rai


Have either Kabir Bedi or Pooja heard of this magical thing called a phone?

Pooja Bedi drew interesting parallels on Twitter likening her father's newest wife to an ‘evil stepmother’ and a 'wicked witch' airing her dirty laundry in public.


Watch: Google's 'India in a day' video will give you all kinds of patriotic vibes ahead of Republic Day

The video— shot and filmed by Indians, will give you all kinds of patriotic vibes ahead of Republic Day.


Goodbye 'God Save the Queen'? UK debates new England anthem

Will England bid goodbye to "God Save the Queen"?


The hijab goes haute: Dolce and Gabbana launches new line of abayas but is that enough?

Just like the cash-strapped couturiers of the 1970's tweaked their collection to adhere to Muslims for petrodollars, fashion houses are now doing the exact same.


Here's why women registering to vote in Saudi Arabia for the first time is a big deal

Women registered to vote for the first time ever in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, ahead of the nationwide local elections. Though women's rights activists have hailed the move as progress — they say there is still a long way to go before women have equal rights to men in the kingdom.


From mid-match retirements to sheer ruthlessness: The fascinating metamorphosis of Djokovic

Djokovic was known in the past for quitting matches mid-way due to ailments, including multiple withdrawals from Grand Slam matches.


The Paris attacks shows us the selective outrage of the western world

With Paris in mind, Lebanese users across Twitter and Facebook are wondering why their disaster didn't receive the same treatment.


Still smiling and uncomplaining: Glimpse of life in Nepal after India's 'unofficial blockade'

India's 'undeclared' oil blockade has continued to cripple Nepal for over a month and forcing Kathmandu has been forced to ration fuel after India blocked supplies

First Cricket News

We don't come to war, we come to play: Young Pakistani cricketers playing in India speak up

India was hosting the campus cricket world finals for the first time in Dehradun at the Abhimanyu Cricket Academy.


Private jets, luxury cars and agenda: All you need to know about the India-Africa summit

The summit has a record participation of all the 54 countries of the continent, around 40 of them represented by their heads of state or government.


Watch: New trailer for the 'Sherlock' Christmas special is out and it's amazing!

Bring on the horse-drawn buggies, corsets, men in suits and Watson's manly mustache. The episode is rumoured to come out on Christmas day.


Bermuda whipped by weakening Hurricane Joaquin

Bermuda was lashed on Sunday by gusting winds and pelting rains from a weakening Hurricane Joaquin as its spinning center tracked just west of the wealthy financial haven and tourist destination after plowing through the Bahamas as a major storm.


US First Lady Michelle Obama may just have given girls regressive advice about college

Michelle Obama was her eloquent, well-dressed self as she spoke about the power of the educated woman at an event organised by Glamour magazine in New York on Tuesday. But did the First Lady undermine her own qualifications unknowingly with her off-the cuff remark on President Barack Obama?


You know nothing, Mark Zuckerberg: Never come between PM Modi and the camera

Judging by the tight hugs, the vigorous handshakes and tears, PM Modi and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may just be the new 'besties' in town.


Live updates: Stampede at Mecca kills 717, including 1 Indian; at least 21 Indians among 719 injured

At least 100 people were killed and 390 hurt in a stampede of pilgrims Thursday during the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia, the civil defence service said.


The seal surfing on the back of a humpback whale that's making waves on the Internet

When a pod of whales were in the midst of a feeding frenzy off the coast of Australia when a seal decided to take a ride on the back of one.


How the Jungle Book has evolved since 1967 to the upcoming live-action film

With Disney's latest live-action film, Jungle Book trailer taking the internet by storm, we look at the older movies that most of us probably grew up with.


Sydney bar turns naked women into fruit platters, and they are not alone!

Cruise Bar, a popular Sydney bar had some naked women in flesh coloured underwear lie topless and placed food strategically over them.