articles by Reema Mukherjee


Begum Jaan: What went wrong with Rajkahini's Bollywood counterpart?

As a Bollywood remake, Begum Jaan fails to rebuild the same essence and integrity of the bengali original Rajkahini.


Badrinath ki Dulhania: Should we be entertaining an insensitive movie like this?

If you haven’t already read enough of the not so positive reviews that Badrinath ki Dulhania has gathered, here’s another.


Newsroom Diaries 2016: From 'Pineapple Apple Pen' to the 'hot chaiwalla', what trended on social media this year

Social media had its fair share of trends in 2017. It didn't just give us hashtags, it gave us stories along with it.


Goddess, woman or both? This powerful photo series address Indian society's double standards

A Mumbai-based photographer has released a photo-series that compares Indian women to the Indian goddess, to reveal our double standards.


One butterbeer coming up! Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad is a Potterhead's dream-come-true

For a taste of all things Potter, head not to Diagon Alley, but to Hogwarts Cafe in Islamabad, Pakistan


#WeWearWhatWeWant: Why should plus-size women not have all the fun?

Twitter user Simone Mariposa recently started an internet campaign encouraging all plus-size women to share their images in whatever piece of clothing they liked


This hilarious video about Bengalis and fish curry will have you in splits

We love macch. We love to eat. And, we absolutely love music. Who are we? Bengalis, ofcourse!


'Girls with Goals' Ep 3: Will the YUWA girls make it to the next round in Spain?

Will the YUWA girls coached by Sunil Chettri make it to the next round? Or will they fail forward? Watch in episode 3 of the 'Girls with Goals' web series


Watch: On World Music Day, Fête de la Musique had Paris humming with joy

As people around the world celebrated World Music Day (21 June) in all its glory, Neel Adhikari, covered the Fête de la Musique live from Paris for Firstpost


Orlando-like incidents happen silently in India: Mumbai activists remind govt

US consulate general Thomas Vajda termed the attack an act of terrorism and an act of hatred towards a particular community