articles by Niharika Mallimadugula


Raazi, The Crown: Why is cinema so scared of exploring internal conflicts of female protagonists?

The burdens of women's hearts and the parts of them that they’ve had to the reject or renegotiate to be accepted are rarely explored with deserved poignancy in cinema.


Piggy, a Y-Combinator funded startup that looks to make mutual funds app-easing for Indians

As the middle class began to look for investment routes, the mutual funds market grew by 40 percent to $300 billion


Chetan Bhagat, Anvita Bajpai and One Indian Girl: So who's copying whom?

Chetan Bhagat may not have produced remarkable literature, but we do owe him, as a nation, as individuals, as trolls, for bringing out the wit and sarcasm we knew not we possessed.


Jerry Pinto's Murder in Mahim is well-intentioned but story takes a backseat to preaching

I found myself asking that question repeatedly as I flipped through Murder in Mahim — Jerry Pinto’s whodunit/mystery novel set in Mumbai.


The High Priestess Never Marries: Sharanya Manivannan's debut short story collection reviewed

For all its poetic indulgences, The High Priestess Never Marries bySharanya Manivannan is ultimately about finding salvation in oneself. Lovers come and go, but it is you who is a constant, it seems to say.


Jayalalithaa as a symbol for feminism? Eulogising her in that manner is deeply problematic

Jayalalitha’s life story may present material to be appropriated into a discourse on exemplary feminism.


The Stanford rape case reminds us that toxic masculinity still exists in society

We need a critical look at prejudices in us even if they might offend the sanctity of uber-liberal discourse around us. And this evaluation must occur in everyday life, not just when an incident such as the rape by Brock Turner shakes us