articles by Niharika Tagotra


Vladimir Putin in India: Deepening of bilateral energy cooperation a must in today's geopolitical, economic climate

India-Russia energy cooperation provides the two sides with more breathing space in their foreign policy endeavours


Oil prices unlikely to soften soon despite rise in US production; geopolitics associated with crude makes it an expensive product

The shift in the US position from a heavy crude oil import dependent country, to now a net oil exporter will have significant repercussions for the oil prices in the future. If anything, the shift in the US position indicates that the era of cheap oil may be over.


Donald Trump to meet Vladimir Putin on 16 July: 'Sticks for allies, carrots for opponents' tactic likely to backfire

The upcoming Trump-Vladimir Putin summit on 16 July, to be held in Helsinki, will also display some of the noticeable trends of the Trump foreign policy


Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un meet a test case for personalised diplomacy pushing decision-making in foreign policy

The images from the historic summit between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have begun to flood social media timelines. The full details of what went on behind closed doors between the two leaders are still awaited.


G7 and SCO summits: Retrenching US amid China's expanding hegemony in trade points to new world order

That the US hegemony is now facing stiff competition from China was stark at the G7 and SCO summits.


BRICS Summit 2017: Xiamen Declaration will go some way in dismantling terror, Pakistan-China friendship

At the BRICS Summit on Monday, India was able to secure a major diplomatic victory for itself after the member countries backed the UN resolution on terrorism, specifically naming Pakistan-based terror groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Haqqani Network in the declaration


Doka La standoff an opportunity for India to restructure foreign, domestic policy

Doka La standoff with China has offered India an opportunity to recalibrate, re-structure and revitalise its foreign and domestic policy. The question is if the country’s establishment is willing to seize it


Bihar fiasco is a wake up call for Opposition to infuse new blood, connect with mass and junk dynasties

With Nitish Kumar re-joining the NDA camp, the Opposition has lost out on a potential anti-Modi face for the 2019 elections.


Sikkim border row: India must hold ground in Doka La region, save Bhutan from falling into hands of Chinese

India must hold its ground in the recent standoff with China over the Doka La area else it will have to permanently live in the dragon’s shadow