articles by Deeksha Bhushan


Truffle Watching: What makes this 'black diamond of the earth' the most expensive fungus in the world?

In 2012, a two pound truffle (nearly a kilogram) sold for almost $300,000, which is nearly Rs 2 crore! But what are truffles, and why are people willing to spend so much money on it?​


Padmavati: Here's a short history lesson into the principal characters of this tale

The thing about legends is that you’ll always find another version of the story. So what do we really know about the story of Padmavati?


Watch: Mumbai's once iconic 'Padmini' taxis near the end of the road

Now, entering 2018, the number of Padminis on the streets of Mumbai couldn't be more than 200-300, and the number continues to drop at an increasingly fast pace. According to the government's rule, by 2020, no Padmini will be allowed to ply on the streets.


Watch: China unveils world's first "trackless" train

China has debuted a train that runs on “virtual tracks.” The Autonomous Rail Transit (ART) Locomotive, has been created with the hope to fundamentally solve urban traffic, emissions and other congestion related problems, by combining a bus-rail combo rapid transit system.


Watch: A short history of the GIF as it turns 30

Popular among reaction-providers and humour-inducers, the GIF is also famous for the debates it sparks every time it’s mentioned – How does one say it?


Watch: The cruelty of breeding white tigers

Did you know that all the white tigers alive in captivity today can be traced back to the bloodline of one male white tiger?